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Hourly Chime

I was wondering if the gbd-200 have an hourly chime? I鈥檝e been researching this for two days and I get conflicting information. If it does could someo...


I hope you get this,I鈥檝e tried 3 times and it goes to the main page. We have an interesting connection and I would like to give you my nemesis the gbd...


Please read the main page I can鈥檛 get the information to you.

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jim13101 commented on Hourly Chime

Thanks for the help

jim13101 commented on gshock GW-B5600SL-5DR

I鈥檓 glad it helped.

jim13101 commented on gshock GW-B5600SL-5DR

Try the app clockwave on iOS. It will sync your time to the atomic clock and keep perfect time. Make sure your phone volume is set to full volume. You start the app and place your watch at the top of your phone. I use this frequently and I think it costs two bucks but it works very well for me. Give it a shot, I hope this helps.


jim13101 commented on Screwed up again

It鈥檚 not free, I was trying to gift it to a friend.

jim13101 commented on Screwed up again

I haven鈥檛 thought of it. I was never able to connect to Bluetooth so I wore it less than a dozen times. No scratches but I don鈥檛 have box or papers. What would you be comfortable with?

jim13101 commented on Screwed up again

No really do I do it on the #gshock page? I鈥檓 really sorry and embarrassed

jim13101 commented on Tickyburden

I鈥檓 sorry but where do I do that from?

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Screwed up again

We have a strange bond and I would like to gift you the gbd-h2000. When I look at it I get depressed which I have enough of. I can鈥檛 sell it because I...

My gif-h2000

We鈥檝e formed a strange bond and I was wondering if you鈥檇 like my gbd-h2000? I鈥檒l never use it because it鈥檚 too complex and hate staring at it. I鈥檇 be...

Need help with Bluetooth

Hello, I鈥檓 trying to sync my Bluetooth on my phone. It says to hold the top left button for 2 seconds for it to display settings. Well I鈥檝e tried over...

Quick jaysandkays question

I am looking at a he-5000u and was wondering if the gw-5000 kit they sell will fit. Thanks to everyone. Jim


This is Jim and want to start a Casio g-shock square face collection. I鈥檝e had all the watches in the past from Patek鈥檚, Rolex鈥檚, AP鈥檚 you name it. I...

A little help

Hi, new to the site and have suffered two strokes so I need to trust in the community. What is the opinion of a Casio gw-m5610u-1cjf. I鈥檓 53 and prefe...