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Watches with sentimental value - share yours!

Which watches in your collection have a significant meaning to you? For many of us, our first watch was a gift. It may not have been the nicest watch,...

Sector dials - which one is your favorite?

I was photographing this Baltic HMS002 for my Instagram/shop page, and I鈥檓 thrilled with how it came out. The sector dial really lends itself to a sym...

Vintage watch lovers - what do you look for in a strap?

I am working on sourcing and producing high quality straps, and would love to get some insights from fellow enthusiasts on what鈥檚 most important in a strap. I have found that I really like straps that...
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avniwatchco commented on avniwatchco's WRUW

Got it in a trade. Can鈥檛 justify keeping it for myself so it鈥檚 up on eBay 馃槀

avniwatchco commented on NWA: modern looks, vintage size

This was my first dive watch, and was a birthday gift from my in-laws. The 36mm is a fun size for a diver, and it looks great on a nato strap. The 300m resistance is definitely overkill given how hard this would be to see underwater 馃槀

It鈥檚 hard to photograph as well. A lot of the numbers on the bezel disappear depending on the angle

avniwatchco commented on Cars

鈥17 Volvo wagon here!

avniwatchco commented on Birth year AND month timepiece!

That鈥檚 a classy watch! Nice find

avniwatchco commented on Gold watches, with Gold bracelets?

Try a gold watch with a gold mesh bracelet. You鈥檒l feel like Tony Montana

avniwatchco commented on JDM choices?

Following for suggestions, as I鈥檒l be there in March!

avniwatchco commented on Seiko Chronograph Olympic Tokyo 1964

This is so cool. It鈥檚 incredible how deep the vintage seiko catalog is.

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It鈥檚 #FunkyWatchFriday! What鈥檚 everyone wearing today?

I鈥檒l start with this Longines Mirage Ultra Thin. This was touted as the thinnest men鈥檚 watch back in the 80s. Today, it would look most at home in a t...