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Thoughts on Big/Small Watches?

Threw on the Mako today, and it occurred to me that I don’t view this as a very “big” watch, even though it’s nearly 42mm in diameter and 47mm lug-to-...

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commented on confessions: which watch do you own but never wear? ·

My first watch (that wasn’t digital), a Timex Weekender. Wore it through high school, it’s been superseded by all my other stuff but I’ll never, ever get rid of it.

commented on The Black Knight? ·

Almost forgot they made cigarettes. I think of Andretti when I see it

commented on [upgrade] Nomos Campus Club 38 on Metal bracelet ·

Very cool! California dials aren’t my thing but I’d definitely wear a Nomos

commented on Rugged and Durable field watch ·

The Formex is super cool. Boldr has some cheaper titanium options, they’re nice but the bead-blast finish will scratch if you’re hard on it. That said I do like mine a lot

commented on Brand you'd never buy? ·

That’s a few! I can understand the Rolex distaste, but why Tudor?

commented on Straps, Straps, Straps ·

Cincy Strap Co. makes a great product at a very competitive price. I especially like their canvas

commented on Which strap are you wearing on a daily basis? ·

NATO or canvas, usually

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New BOLDR, any Strap Recommendations?

Got this Venture Carbon Black just after Christmas, and I’m loving it so far. I’m looking for a two-piece strap for daily wear in college, any recomme...