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Raven Airfield matching my Suzuki.

Geared up with a matching Airfield! I'm planning a few motocamping trips this year.

Raven Airfield white dial

Assembling an Airfield for a customer.

Raven Airfield, Green Day/date

I have about 7 of these left in stock.

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commented on Speedy77's WRUW ·

Looks great! Thank you!

commented on Raven Endeavour II ·

Thanks, right now it is not planned for the next batch of Trekkers, but could be something like it in the future.

commented on Regulating ETA 2824 ·

Not planning on gold or bronze. I may have some of the black dials coated in black DLC cases

commented on Raven Airfield matching my Suzuki. ·

I did a run of blue divers last time, so the dark blue diver this time is the "vintage" style with the Rolex Mil Sub look

commented on Raven Airfield matching my Suzuki. ·

Thank you, I just posted those today, more detailed drawings and specs will come soon.

commented on Raven Airfield matching my Suzuki. ·

Thank you, I'm in Kansas, so last week was below freezing, and it will be 50°F by the weekend, so I ride year round here.

commented on Raven Airfield matching my Suzuki. ·

Yes it is a good commuter for year round, as long as there is no ice on the roads.

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Raven Endeavour II

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