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Dirty tarmac

These textured dials remind me of a dirty tarmac, I can't help it. Is it done on purpose, to create an intense contrast to the luxury image of those w...

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Of Playboy December 1997

Everyone's journey is different

For someone, "it feels overly desperate to ask directly if he's actually on the waiting list for the CHRONOM脠TRE BLEU." ( @WatchEnthusiastLondon ) Som...

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commented on Dirty tarmac

that's a much more pleasing comparison

commented on Dirty tarmac

It's ok on a $100 watch

commented on Dirty tarmac

you're welcome 馃槉

commented on Dirty tarmac

not really, with only 30m WR and in white gold (5226G)

commented on Dirty tarmac

one man's meat is another man's poison

commented on Dirty tarmac

different strokes for different folks

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Superfluous dial text

How many types are there? Redundant, boastful/ostentatious, silly/stupid, ... The pursuit of graphical balance is an unacceptable excuse. What do you...

What would you chose?

A hypothetical question: Suppose you have a fixed budget, would you rather have 12 affordable watches, from different brands, or just 1 luxury watch?
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Swiss still life

Have a good weekend!

The Curious Case of 危 and Wabi-sabi

"Figuratively, patina can refer to any fading, darkening, or other signs of age, which are felt to be natural or unavoidable (or both)."

In Praise of Bold & Flashy

"(...). You merely look after it for the next generation." 馃榾 So far, I'm impressed. https://www.gearpatrol.com/watches/a36342713/invicta-watches/

MUROS swiss vintage watch

"Arios was a brand from Fabrique d鈥檋orlogerie Muros, Erwin Triebold. The name Muros was officially registered in 1944 and Arios in 1952. From old ads,...