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Inadvertent Grail

Has anyone else ever inadvertently found their grail watch? The last watch you ever want to wear? I've posted about this watch a ton (although not rec...

AliExpress Tourbillion

Everyone has their own opinions about Chinese watches and to each their own but i saw this really interesting piece last night. It's a Chinese tourbil...

Case Shapes

Do you prefer angular case shapes or more rounded cases? The Sumo definitely has a mix of both but i really like the sharp angle of the lugs and the s...

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commented on They say: Tudor is the poor man鈥檚 Rolex.

I think Tudor has much more attractive designs than Rolex. I can't afford nor do i want any so there is that as well

commented on TimeEQ's WRUW

I'm not a big pink fan (unlike my daughter) but that is a cool freaking watch

commented on KCSpike's WRUW

Where's the snow?

commented on g_money_christmas's WRUW

ItOnly stayed on for like 20 minutes馃槃

commented on My Ultimate Milestone Reached!!

Congratulations on getting your 3 dream watches but isn't it kind of irresponsible to drain your savings and max your credit cards? Add that to the fact that you ruined your wife's plans? I know what wanting watches is like but it sounds to me like you couldn't afford them. Not to rain on your parade but that's what your post insinuated to me馃し鈥嶁檪锔 it's your life, though

commented on If a company doesn't produce their own movements - it's not a watch company.

What about brands that heavily modify simple movements like Seikos or Miyotas to fit their needs? Atowak is a good example of this

commented on vintagefan's WRUW

I considered getting this. Timex has stepped up their game significantly

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Timex Tonneau Chronograph

Timex has been really stepping it up recently. This isn't something i would personally wear but it's a really good looking watch. They have a gold ton...

Favorite Sports Watch?

Do you have a favorite sports watch? You don't necessarily need to own it. What is your favorite?


Does anyone give names to their watches? Or any other inanimate objects you own? I've never really been into it besides doing it jokingly but for most...


Is there anything you use your watch for that make it indispensable? Or at least make your life much easier? When i get my children ready for school a...


Anybody wear any jewelry besides watches? I'm not much of a jewelry person but i have my wedding ring which i always wear. I haven't been able to wear...

Vacation is Over馃槶

I took my Seiko Sumo and Seiko Speedtimer with my wife and i to Salem, MA for our 10th anniversary. We both loved it there and if we could afford it (...