AliExpress Tourbillion

Everyone has their own opinions about Chinese watches and to each their own but i saw this really interesting piece last night. It's a Chinese tourbillion moonphase watch in a full crystal case. It's mineral crystal not sapphire but that would jack up the price more.

Maybe you think $2,500 is a lot (which it is) but this same watch from a Swiss brand would probably be at least $50,000. A lot of Chinese brands are stepping up their game and are not just mass-produced trash anymore. Some are legitimate players in the watch industry now.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Check Geckota

I would never spend so much online without trying the watch first. Also, think about its serviceability. Will you send it back to China? Can it be service where you live?

I'm not planning on buying this. Just thought it was a very interesting watch that i have only seen in the tens to hundreds of thousands... at least models it is trying to emulate. The crystal case is the primary reason i posted this, as well.