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Beautiful orient multi year calendar

I love it. The dial color is actually incredible like it can go to pure black in low light and it's so cool how it radiates out I do wish it was a bit...

does anyone have any experience with the orient multi year calendar?

this is the watch i've had my eye on recently and i want to know how people feel about it if they've had one before or heard things about them


i love it

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commented on alejandro64's WRUW

I love the bullhead style

commented on Women don't like Pink

I love yellow

commented on Imagine you're given the choice to get any watch in the world (no matter the cost), but you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Which one would you pick? Drop your answers in the comments!


commented on cheval's WRUW

Yeah, it just basically shows you the calendar for the month. Glorified day and date lol but it's very cool

commented on cheval's WRUW

Yeah i got this bad boy for 10 bucks at an estate sale it was one of my first watches

commented on cheval's WRUW


commented on skydave's WRUW

Very cool

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first automatic watch

this is my first automatic watch, i love the look of the dial a lot i'm not sure what i did wrong adjusting it, but the clasp on the original bracelet...

does anyone else HATE cropped numbers on watches?

for me personally, i can not stand cropped numbers on a dial. i would prefer if the number was removed entirely. does anyone else feel the same way?
153 votes

cns straps came!

loving the 70s style strap but I'm not sure if the look of the watch works well with it


got this on amazon try before you buy, might keep it if the vibration alarm will wake me up in the morning

fixed the old band

i ordered a new band for this pulsar, but they sent me the wrong size. i was too stubborn to wait again, so after cleaning the nasty old band with som...

went to the fnaf movie