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Cartier brand

It took me a few decades into collecting to come around to Cartier - it always felt like more of a jewelry brand and less focused on creating a singul...

New Watch Day

I like to build up the anticipation and see how long I can go before opening the box..anyone else? Longest I鈥檝e waited is a few hours 馃槄

SOTC + PP Swiss Parliament Clock

Was having some new pickups sized today and stumbled upon an article on PP industrial clocks..imagine stumbling upon that in an old govt facility

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commented on Cartier brand

Yep it鈥檚 why I went w the og model and not the green/large. So much heritage

commented on The new Hamilton x Dune: Part two

nice prop

commented on Watches are 'Art' or 'Science' in your opinion?


commented on If you won the lottery what鈥檚 the first watch you would buy?

FP all day long

commented on santos medium or tag heuer monaco?

I鈥檝e had my santos medium for all of 3 hours and I already forsee bezel scratch anxiety- something I never care about but then again most of my watches are ceramic bezel

commented on Grand Seiko SBGM 221 GMT

Love this dial

commented on New Watch Day

Oh same the search is never over

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Engraving Update: Results

Thank you to this community for the great feedback on my previous engraving post. After originally opting for the 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 option, I changed...

King Seiko

First time seeing one in person. Nice collection at Arc Watch Works.

Engraving Question: 001 vs 1/2?

I purchased two Pelagos 39 - one for myself and one for my buddy. Getting the casebacks engraved today. Under the main engraving of each watch I want...

Whiskey & Cookie

In March of 2020 the film industry shut down and in the face of the unknown I sold my two tone Sub to keep some extra cash on hand. While I was fortun...

Speedy Appreciation

First pic is my sapphire sandwhich - second pic was snapped yesterday - this watch belongs to Tom from Nesbitt鈥檚 watches. He was sizing my new pelagos...

State of the collection

Added a new G Shock today (big fan of Online Ceramics.)