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SOTC January 2024

There were a lot of changes over the course of 2023. I parted with some watches I thought I’d keep forever and was able to obtain watches I didn’t thi...

Didn’t see this coming

I posted my SOTC about a month ago and I thought I was pretty happy with where my collection was. Well about a week after that, I had the opportunity...

Adding Some Color

I am usually one for boring dials. The few times I’ve tried adding a more colorful/exciting dial to my collection, I ended up not wearing the watch mu...

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commented on My Breguet Tradition 7027 in Rose ·

Love it



commented on SOTC January 2024 ·

I love the Marine, so well made and very unique style. It works really well is sporty and dressy situations. I also love how I can wear it without anyone recognizing it for the high-end watch it is (that’s the reason I don’t own any Rolex). Mine is the titanium so I can’t speak to the white gold, although that blue guilloche dial does look amazing.

commented on SOTC January 2024 ·

It’s from IFL watches. I’ve tried quite a few different boxes over the years, and this is by far my favorite.

commented on SOTC January 2024 ·

That’s got a nice ring to it

commented on SOTC January 2024 ·

Love me some DSOTM

commented on SOTC January 2024 ·

My thoughts exactly, I can’t figure out why it’s not talked about more

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SOTC - One Spot Left

I posted my collection a few months ago as I was thinking of making some changes. After moving on from a few pieces and aquiring some new ones, this i...

Quick Change Straps

IWC has become one of my favorite brands lately and part of that is due to their EasX-CHANGE system. I love how simple it is to change between straps...

Most versatile dress watch?

Usually, when taking about versatile watches, we are referencing a “sports watch” that can be dressed up or down for different situations. The Reverso...

Something Different

Most of my current collection is stainless steel and I have been wanting to try a new material for some time. None of the ceramic watches I’ve tried h...

DisneyWorld and Watches

I’m at DisneyWorld this week sporting my Disney MagicBand on one wrist and my Black Bay Pro on the other. How many of you still wear a watch even when...

Grilling with a mechanical chronograph

Who else finds great joy in using a mechanical chronograph to time something, even though it could be done much more efficiently by digital means?