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It’s time to swap the battery. Should I pressure test?

I pulled from the drawer my Shark Hammerhead, this rooster-crowing morning, and spied the infamous two-ticks-per second low battery warning calling fr...

Show us your uniquely-designed dive watch!

I really like that my Freestyle Hammerhead doesn’t emulate any other kind of dive watch. It really has its own flavor. Because of that, it has been on...


I'm looking for this watch I had when j was younger. I keep looking for clearer pictures

Who remembers Freestyle Watches?

Back when I was in middle school in early 90s, I had a similar watch to this but I had totally forgotten what brand or model it was. I did remember it...

Is a secondhand a must for a pretty watch? What's your take?

Like you, I believe a watch a necessary component of my daily life. It tells time, hugs the wrist like a little hitchhiker, is a tiny machine powered...

Freestyle Hammerhead Diver Review

When one thinks of the ‘defacto diver watch’, visions of a Submariner, or some kind of homage or another often pops up. The basic design has been repl...

Freestyle FS101115

4.6 Avg. Score

Freestyle watch wearing

As I looked in my watch case today undecided on what to wear I thought “close your eyes and grab one and wear it”. So wearing my Alpina Seastrong HSW...

Picked it up for the wife.

Been on this 90s I'm getting the wife in on the fun as well..anybody else get there wives or significant other a new watch recently

Freestyle Shark Clip

Wearing it classy for the go skateboarding day

My 4th Freestyle! What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

I’ve gone a little bonkers with Freestyle! This is my 4th watch from them…and this time it’s the Shark Analog ‘Boot Camp’. As you can see, I have yet...