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What’s better in the kitchen…

Happy Sunday crunchers! Making some meatballs this Sunday and needed to poll the cooks and grills. I’m split between wearing my Tudor, Sinn or G Shock when cooking. For cooking, grilling or baking wha...
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SOTC - End of 2023

Happy Holidays crunchers! I’ve had so many watches come and go in ther past 18 months, but I’ve realized that I prefer to have 4-6 main watches in my...

Untouchable Watch

Happy Sunday crunchers! Wearing my Black Bay 58 today and it’s the one watch in my collection that will never be sold or given away. What is that one...

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commented on Zenith Defy A3648 Revival ·

I’m curious how thick that crystal is. If it’s 13mm thick but 2.5mm crystal than it’s not nearly as crazy.

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

Yeah I was worried about him doing 23 holes today.

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

Thank you! It’s hard to wear any other watch most days.

commented on Photography Friday 📸 ·

This guy reflects. That Formex one is so dang good.

commented on The thing about diving bezels ·

My Black Bay 58 has seen more pasta water steam than salt or freshwater in its life.

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

It was a slow burn for me as well. I really like the watch I always had trouble finding the right strap/bracelet pairing with those long lugs.

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

Thank you!

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To Color or Not to Color

Hey crunchers! My watch friend and I are exact opposites in collecting. I tend to stick to monochrome watches (white, black dials) with one blue watch, and he has a much wider color spectrum. Is your...
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Watch Crystal, the most important element nobody talks about

Hey crunchers, As collectors we dig into the finer details of a watch. The lug to lug, the thickness, the movement, but the one thing you can never kn...

New to the Group - First Post

Hey everyone, Just joined WatchCrunch and wanted to throw up more of a fun pic of the Nomos I’m wearing on the wrist. Cheers