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Facets of a watch

I think you should have options to choose to dress your watch, in this case which is the best option of the 3, I would like to know your answers, greetings friend!
32 votes

!! Diver with bracelet or diver with leather strap !!

In advance, a self-respecting diver must wear a steel bracelet or rubber straps due to the very nature of the watch, I know but I love seeing them with leather straps, what do you think?
75 votes

Today it was the office of the emerald green Pagani!

Today it was time to take my friend Esmeralda for a walk! I really like how it looks with its nato strap!

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commented on Facets of a watch

What would be the D, for you friend! I would like to know your opinion !

commented on These guys stole my watch

Excellent comment, for me one of the best divers, with impressive quality!

commented on These guys stole my watch

Thanks my friend ! They are knowledgeable

commented on The one that was still in my collection!!

It looks great, already with the patina ! I don't know how to write that Bronze finish in English.

commented on The one that was still in my collection!!

Great opinion! I share the same idea friend! I have a couple of Chinese watches, excellent quality.

commented on RDUWatchIntrovert's WRUW

It's Nivada grenchen ?

commented on The one that was still in my collection!!

I appreciate your comment, it is a great watch. Of proven quality. And I mean the price I paid for the friend! Not to its quality

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These guys stole my watch

Sunday afternoon and movies!!

The one that was still in my collection!!

In short, a good watch. With a quality that surprised me. A good tribute to Captain Willard and with a better price, you don't have to think too much,...

Maintenance Saturday!!

It is truly an activity of contrasts, on the one hand seeing the perfection of each of them and on the other hand the chaos that does not turn out as...

Achievement unlocked for my collection!! Beautiful !!

Definitely a piece that should be in every collection, amazed by the quality and above all by the price at which it can be purchased. The only thing I...

Black Wednesday in Latin America, today this little guy is with me!

Very affordable quartz watch, with proven quality. Ceramic bicel, 120 clicks, nato strap,Completely stainless steel.