Are you over 30 and still rocking Gshocks?

Okay, please don't shoot the messenger. I did not create the video, I'm simply reacting to it. At the 4:12 mark on the video in which our Youtuber describes the things men shouldn't wear if they are over 30, she talks about Gshocks and how they can be off-putting. The watch doesn't make the wearer younger, rather it does the opposite, aging the wearer. In fact, our Youtuber goes so far as to refer to watches as accessories (the audacity!!!!) and that, after a certain age, accessories need to be a bit more elegant, shouldn't be garish and loud.

Good advice if you are open to it.


Now, I'm no fashionista and I don't dress to impress (most of the time). But I'm also at an age when I would like to look more appropriately than I used to. This channel had been quite useful in that regard. I had stopped wearing trainers if I'm not running or at the gym and I had stopped wearing statement shirts or shirts with cartoon characters on them. If that makes me a fashion victim, so be it.

But that's not the interesting bit for those perusing WatchCrunch. Do you agree with the assertion that Gshocks (and other large, ostentatious watches) ages the wearer after age 30?

As much as this might crucify me, I don't disagree with the Youtuber that Gshocks have no place in a grown man's wardrobe. I've never been a Gshock fan, even when I was younger, and I'm certainly not a fan now that I'm almost 48 years old. I see nothing wrong with them, they're just not my style.

But dare I say it? It shouldn't be your style if you're older than a certain age either. And like the lady says, if you need the Gshock for work, by all means wear them. But if you're just out and about at the local mall, why are you wearing something like that?

The default reaction to something like this (at least here on WatchCrunch) would be: wear what you like, who cares? Yes, wear what you like, who cares. Except that there's nothing wrong if one does care. I had been a nerd all my life and dressed like a nerd all my life and only in my late 40s have I started caring about what I look like or how I'm presenting myself. And, you know what, I believe I'm a better version of myself because I started caring.

I know that I'm probably in the minority here in my preference for smaller watches (34mm to 36mm is my sweet spot). The less ostentatious, the better the watch wears as far as I'm concerned. I never really thought I was being fashion forward by wearing sub-40mm watches but, watching the video, it's good to confirm I'm doing something right.

The thing about smaller watches is the elegance and classiness they convey. They compliment rather than take over the whole ensemble, which is what a good accessory shouldn't do (and, yes, I agree with the Youtuber that watches are primarily accessories). I don't wear bracelets or necklaces, or any other accessory except for the watch--as such, I like to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.

Of course, I have been known to wear bigger watches and even own a monstrous 49mm Police Batman Vengeance watch which I occasionally wear when I feel like it. But I've been feeling like it less and less as time marches on.


What about you? Do you care if the watch you love ages you? If you do, why do you care? If you don't, why the heck not?

I am many over thirty


I get some of points that she's saying here but first of all, I am a man over 30 and I live in Florida so rocking sandals is a must here (without sandals of course lol.) Of and I do have a variety of watches, including some G-Shocks.


Please stop listening to 12 year olds on YouTube, you should know better.

Immediately take EVERYTHING she says about watches with suspicion as she shows fashion branded, Daniel Wellington/MVMNT/Skagen style watches 馃槀.

My guess would be she would complain if someone was wearing their CW on a sailcloth, or AT on a rally strap too.

I'm no sartorial expert. I do however like to dress sharp when out of uniform. I will agree with some of her overall points about looking/dressing sharp. Too many men think knowing about fashion is unmasculine.

Read up on mens fashion. Art of Manliness Blog, reddit MFA or FMFA. (male fashion advice/frugal make fashion advice).

NGL, if I see a dude rocking his moc toes, selvedge, flannel and the staple of anyone's wardrobe, the M-65 field jacket, with any of those watches she shows, I'm judging a lil bit...馃馃徎.

If I'm wearing a bespoke tux or Brooks Brothers suit, I'll usually opt for one of my dress watches. But it's scenario dependent.

One example, New Years Eve party, Shawl collar tux, Vans slip-ons, throw on a G Shock. Fashion "rules" are more guidelines. Some can be bent, others outright broken.

Look at Steve McQueen, David Beckham, Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham, Frank Sinatra, etc. They knew/know how to dress sharp.

This untruth over masculinity and "fashion sense" cannot be further from the truth. Knowing how to put together an outfit, using a color wheel to pick out complimentary accents, etc is just as important as knowing how to change a tire, skin a deer, and change a diaper. If not for you, then for your wife.

Guys need to get out of the habit of being passive in clothing. Don't let your SO pick out your clothes, do your own research, develop your style and man up 馃槀. Believe ZZ Top said it best, "Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."

Unpopular opinion here but I agree with this video to some degree. In my eyes, Gshocks are bulky gaudy pieces of plastic and I think they look oversized, immature, and frankly ugly on most wrist shots I see. I love classical Casio's but Gshocks are not for me.

I firmly believe that everyone should embrace their personal style and I'm not being judgemental here, but the cult of Gshock in the watch enthusiasts bubble is a weird one. People outside this hobby don't seem to find them attractive. My friends or partners all unanimously hated them and I never understood why it's forced on every collector like some kind of essential piece. 馃し

I gifted my DW5600 away years ago because I rarely wore it due to its size and my partner hated it, and I don't see myself adding a new Gshock to the collection ever because they don't fit in with my style.

Everything about this is wrong.

I am 32 and will rock a G-Shock no second thoughts. Although by today鈥檚 standards I do age myself. I can鈥檛 seem to bring myself to do things like wear high waisted or baggy jeans. I also part my hair to the side not down the middle which apparently is a millenial thing. 馃檮 Oh well!


First of all, most people don't even notice your watches. So why bother with what people think? Hahaha

@solidyetti just smashed it.

To summarize, dress and wear a watch appropriately for the occasion. Don鈥檛 bring a knife to a gun fight.


We should all take advice from youtubers. Rolls eyes.

I really dont like her hair, dress sense, fingernails or attitude or entitlement.

Maybe I'll make a youtube video about what I don't like and advise her and her acolytes about that . . .

Do you. However YOU want to do it. Period

(Unfortunately IMO, even if that includes taking advice from, self appointed, specious, tastless self-tubers)

*Hunkers down and waits for blowback :-)

I agree with your points, pare. I'm not into G-Shocks, I care about how I look because I care about myself, I prefer smaller watches because it's classy and it's what best fits my 6.25-inch wrist, and I don't wear accessories except for my watch (and a tie clip perhaps when in business attire).

I also third the motion of @solidyetti and @SpecKTator. Dress sharp. Age has no limits for a man who dresses sharp.