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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Looking for strap options!

Hello all, so I was supposed to recieve a rust colored ribbed nato in the mail for this. Said it was delivered but yet…I don’t have it. That’s another...

Came a day early… Hyper Aqualand and Aqualand Duplex

Well well well looks like I’ve got a bit of good luck after all. After seeing @degenerateWA ‘s post about HIS Aqualands I knew I had to get a Hyper Aq...

In need of some repair advice

Hello all, so a while ago I came across this TI Model 101 in an antique store in a bag of watches for $10. Thinking I’d just throw some batteries in i...

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deathonthestairs commented on deathonthestairs's WRUW ·

Classic skx size, 42mm.

deathonthestairs commented on Rolex ·

Always loved this watch. I wonder how many are in the market. Less than a handful I’d imagine.

deathonthestairs commented on Omega: Please Release a Smaller Seamaster ·

What about the 36mm version?

deathonthestairs commented on A good trade…? Or a terrible one?? ·

While I love a 36mm seamaster I love your speedmaster more. The dial is great and a lot less common.

deathonthestairs commented on a post ·

I’m feeling very similar. I start wearing the same watch more and more. The others just sit in the box. I’ve been focusing on guitars more and more lately. The Martin guitar forum is a fun place to take my mind off watches haha.

deathonthestairs commented on Autumn watches ·

I almost got that Citizen diver you have but went with the more conservative black and gilt colorway. But secretly I wish I had gotten that one!

deathonthestairs commented on Bulova Classic Chronograph ·

That is classic looking. What are the dimensions?

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Vintage watch guessing…

So I was listening to some Gram Parsons and came across this photo of Gram and Chris Hillman playing at altamont in 1969. You can see a sneaky watch u...

Hello, my name is deathonthestairs, and I have a problem…

I’m obsessed with Neo vintage citizen promasters. I’ve been singing the praises of them on this site for a while but I just got another in the mail to...

Selling watches when you get bored of them…

Hey all, I decided to post my SKX and Citizen diver for sale on my local Craig’s. I find that as times goes on my interest in automatic watches is sta...

Late 70s? Timex Q digital.

Found this on eBay. $10. Popped a new battery in and just happened to have a leather strapped that matched the color perfect. Very happy.

SOTC Part 3 - The vintage dress

Three more pieces I’d like to share are smaller dress watches. From left to right: Citizen CQ - Early 80s. Found in an antique store in the original b...

SOTC Part 2 - The 37-39mm Japanese sport watches.

So for part 2 I wanted to share some of my vintage-ish Japanese sport watches. All these are under 40mm. From left to right we have: 1989 Citizen Wing...