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Agh001 ·

Return of a classic

I bought this Orient neo70’s panda way back in August of 2022. After takining it off of its original bracelet and putting it on a leather strap it spe...
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Cosme44 ·

No one has talk about the Certina DS +

A few months ago, I saw on Horas y Minutos (one of the referent sites for watch launches in spanish language) the new Certina DS+. At first, It seemed...
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Fieldwalker ·

Crap, guess I'll need to get a Tudor 🤔

Today I heard the announcements: Tudor pro cycling team, Swiss based and led by the longtime hero of cycling: the extremely Swiss Fabian Cancellara. S...
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Jon_boy ·

Casio G-Shock GBD-200-2ER

Saw this on sale, so pulled the trigger, pretty pleased so far. Just using it to tell the time though, don't think I'll be accessing the functionality...
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Greatgaspiwrist ·

Hater magnet

In my collection I have added three of four Pagani toys and I find them very funny, but I find it even more fun to see how they are a magnet for hater...
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albertwu203 ·

Seiko 5 SNKK47, seikonaut, baby nautilus

[WTS] Recently I feel like selling this seikonaut snkk47 Is this model not popular anymore?
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Greatgaspiwrist ·

When you study, do you suddenly look at your watches to contemplate them?

Today I show you my MIDO all dial, a white dial watch, which despite its minimalism and undervalued brand continues to make me smile since I've had it...
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CitizenKale ·

New $35 Casio - a "shit GBX100" alternative

The Casio MWD - which I can only assume stands for "Mepon of Was Destruction" - is a new beater from Casio with a steel bezel very similar to the fan-...
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AlonsoOak ·

Opinions on Monta Watches

Hi! I was wondering if any of you have purchased a Monta watch and what has been your experience. I’ve been looking at a couple micro brands too and M...
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awatchtowear ·

One of the best micro brands ever!

Monta makes one of the best micro brand watches ever. The quality you are getting for the price is on another level. I would say it on par with the li...
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