Yes, please

Jeep x Marathon collab preorder opens 4/26


I like the look of this one. Significantly more than Breitling for Bentley.

Looks great.

The watch looks good. I like the pop of red.

Thanks to fatherhood, whenever I see or hear "jeep," this is the first thing that pops into my head...


I like the watch, the only problem is I don鈥檛 own a jeep. I love that it has the usual tritium but the numbers are also lumped.

Love Marathon. Not a Jeep person. Would purchase this, as is, but without the 'Jeep'. Otherwise, the dial and bezel are gr8.

I wish there would be a Toyota 4wd collab thats not the Gshock Mudmaster 馃ゲ

I wish they鈥檇 release this exact offering minus the Jeep branding. It鈥檚 a killer design and the colors are just incredible. But I鈥檓 not much for the overtly branded vehicle collabs.