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Welcome to WatchCrunch, we're excited to have you here! This is where you introduce yourself to the community. How did you get into watches? How long have you been into watches? Where are you from? What's on your wrist right now? You know, that sort of stuff... 馃槆

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Hi everyone, I am from Germany and 61 years young馃槈 I love mechanical watches, it鈥檚 nice to be here!
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New to this great forum!

Hey, everyone. I live in Massachusetts and recently bought my son a Tissot Gentleman watch. It turned out to be the absolute perfect watch for him, an...
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I am proud to be here, I am from Slovakia and I love watches especially mechanical and prim watches.
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Hi Watchcrunch!

馃憤 to Peter Kotsa for recommending this site. Will try not to lurk too much.
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New Member

Good morning all. Central TX here. Not an avid collector but like nice looking wrist watches. looking to expand my knowledge of newer watches. Look fo...
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Hey there

Hey there. ! Glad to be part of this community!
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Just checking in!

Just another newbie checking in from the UK! I keep hearing about this place so thought I鈥檇 come for a mooch about!
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Intro to the internet watch fam

Hi All, I'm Josh from Boston. Obviously a big watch enthusiast. I collected a great sea/air/land/elegant/dress (SEALED) collection over this past year...
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Introducing myself!

Hello folks! I got a little tired of the tropes on reddit, and thought I'd see what this was like instead. Seen it around on YouTube and stuff, but ne...
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My Current Collection

As you can see, I'm a bit of a budget collector, nothing too crazy in my collection. Been loving watches since I was a teen (29 now). However, I didn'...
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