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Watchgeek00810hki ·

New-old Oris 65!

Traded this one in yesterday. It's the second time I own this version of the Oris 65 lineup. Last time around I didn't have the bracelet, and I hope i...
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ezpzCA ·

Burning Question: What’s the deal with bad lume?

I don’t understand why all watches that have lume don’t have better lume. Sometimes people say it is because applying less lume is a cost-cutting meas...
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Robcollects ·

To lume or not to lume? That is the question

There’s been a lot of interest and discussion recently on the merits of lume on watches. For me, I have some and my choice falls into four groups - brighten the night, full lume; hands lumed only; tri...
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Velomax ·

Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow

Some watches have been to the moon and others immortalize it. The Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow is the latter. As the name implies the feature is the S...
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Matic Seamaster Homage Lume

Here's the link to the watch and my review:
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AllTheWatches ·

Tick, Tick, Lume

I know the Pelagos has its fans, rightfully so, but I do not feel enough people talk about its awesome lume, something I admire often after coming ind...
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Aurelian ·

Tell me why I am wrong. Part Deux.

I post a controversial watch opinion merely for entertainment purposes and you tell me that I am wrong. Change my mind!
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Lume Shot

How do you guys get your lume shots??
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Farrandswit ·

Sweeping Quartz

For the most part I am a mechanical snob. Ther is just something about the tickets of the seconds hand that turns me off. That said the VH31 sweeping...
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synaptyx ·

NWA Citizen Promaster Loomy

I had this in my eBay watch list for literally years and never picked it up. I saw it appear on Amazon UK a few weeks ago. I sat and looked at it, put...
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