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NWA: seiko seitona

So its february and i already broke my one watch/year rule (first watch this year but im going to get another one in the summer). I somehow came acros...

Saving for a watch in todays economy

so I woke up today to the horrific message from my landlord that he's going to I raise my rent by 150€...after all the inflation that we're all dealin...

Seiko springbars?!?!?

Help... i lost one of the speingbars that came with my spb117 just flew away and ive literally moved furniture around the area to find i...

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commented on NWA: seiko seitona ·

Thank you Hans! Maybe give the uncle clasp a go if you like the bracelet 🐼

commented on NWA: seiko seitona ·

It fits perfectly now but that might change in the summer.. should habe also ordered a half link, the import tax and shipping to germany was a little much so i dont think ill order again :D

commented on NWA: seiko seitona ·

right?! Its such an upgrade! Wears so well now. Too bad seiko doesnt seem to think 3 MA holes is the bare minimum. Did the same uncle clasp upgrade on my alpinist bracelet

commented on NWA: seiko seitona ·

Thats a nice colour as well!

commented on NWA: seiko seitona ·

Thanks! Im happy to be on the panda express!Congratulations on your new panda! 🫡🐼

commented on Thoughts on the SSC813? ·

Did you get a full clasp or just the clasp cover from uncle? Im wondering if that clasp cover only would fit this watch. The lack of microadjustment is really a big turn off for this watch

commented on Aftermarket bracelet ·

Beautiful watch! In courious... why doesnt it say Swiss made on the dial? Judging by the logo its probably an older model. Did they not put the label on the dial at that time?

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Happy christmas crunchers! 🎅🎄 What are you wearing for the festive days?

Im going with the lorier falcon on a green single pass leather nato.

1 watch / year rule!

I'm just putting it out there so that it's official ... wish me luck! 🫡 :)

Does anybody know how to remove this?

Im looking to upgrade the clasp on my alpinist to an adjustable one... There is this San Martin one on ali that seems to fit but how do I remove his p...

Are you ever satisfied?

When you get a new watch you really love, how long until you start planing and watching videos on the next one ?
183 votes ·

Timegrapher restult interpretation

How do you read the results of a time graphed test after testing a watch in all 6 positions? Does one create an average number between results? Do you...

SOTC 2023

Here it is fellow crunchers ... 2023 is coming to an end and because i have no watch friends to share my new obsession with and also because i like wr...