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Is there such thing as a Summer watch?

While i was listening to the most recent Worn and Wound Podcast, Kat and the team talked about summer watches and how some people buy watches just for...
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A SOTC of No Real Importance

I have never done a SOTC post before, so I will do one now. In order of no importance: Seiko SBBN035 Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80.00 Grand Seiko SBGX3...
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My second Sinn. A 556i MoP

Following the purchase of my U50, my AD from Nepal offered to mediate a deal for a 556i MoP from one of his previous buyers based in Delhi, India. He...
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Which is your favorite Sinn 556?

Sinn 556 is a legendary watch at this point and it has many variants today. I'm curious to know which one is your favorite model and why. Personally,...
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Why did I instantly like the Sinn 556I RS?

When I first saw a the Sinn 556 I RS, I was immediately excited about it. Something about the dial layout felt appealing and familiar. I knew that I w...
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I am reaching to see if I am the only one who is frustrated with the watch world. Maybe I am just delusional and expect too much. I have been looking...
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Sinn 556 Aquamarine

Hey, Nerds I picked this 556 up from WatchBuys last year. I鈥檇 been thinking about getting the black 556i but when they released these, I decided my co...
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Move the Sinn 556i

What are your thoughts?
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Favorite watch

Is it just me or do you have a watch that just sticks around and stays your favorite no matter what? I mean I have tried to replace it with other watc...
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New Sinn 556

My good friend has a birthday coming up (yes, another friend and another birthday 馃槀 ) and as an honour of his German heritage, I got this beautiful Si...
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