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A lot of the people who have followed me likely know that I sold off almost all of my collection last year and started from basically scratch. I caugh...

Waiting for the Eclipse

I thought a watch named after the stars was the appropriate choice for today while I wait for the eclipse. It absolutely sparkles in the bright sunlig...

NWA Been Waiting A While For This One!

Sold my mechanical chronograph last year so am very happy to have one back in my collection. Absolutely love this panda dial!

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commented on The Emperor's new clothes.

I have owned them for over 8 years. Absolutely love the quality you get for the price. The Sealander and Tridents are well worth the investment!

commented on mtaylor155's WRUW

I struggle to find anything to complain about with it.

commented on mtaylor155's WRUW

Lorier really hit it out of the park with this one!

commented on Hard decisions, which one of my two Pobedas do you like better

The silver is very classic but the blue has a bit of a pop to it.

commented on mtaylor155's WRUW

Completely agree!

commented on mtaylor155's WRUW

Thank you! I really like what CW was able to do with this one!

commented on mtaylor155's WRUW

Thank you. It's a really well put together package!

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Watch People Are The Best People!

Bought a Baltic Flat Link Bracelet off a guy locally. First off, I have yet to own a Baltic but for $100 CAD ($73 USD) I couldn't say no since I'm act...

Really well done Bel Canto review! @AndrewMorgan did an absolutely fantastic review of his Christopher Ward Bel Canto. I love CW but the...

Do not hate - I love Casio!

This was on one of my FB watch groups and I laughed way harder then I should of.

***NWA*** So excited for this one!

I have recently been on a Lorier kick after finally taking a chance and getting one. I am so sad that I watched and waited so long before jumping on b...

Which Bracelet Would You Choose?

My next watch is looking like a Dual Crown from Baltic. It will be my first watch from Baltic so I am looking for your opinion on which bracelet optio...

Replacement Bracelet Clasp

I have a 20mm bracelet that tapers significantly down to 16mm at the clasp. My wrists swell pretty good over the course of the day leaving the bracele...