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New Build!

My Black Friday haul was a number of parts for another build. Still practicing my skills, but I like the vibe of this one, eventhough I wasn't expecti...

CWC G10 Fatboy-80

As part of my attempt to appreciate and enjoy my collection more, I am trying my hand at some photography: #steinhart post here #christopherward post...

The Next Build

After my first mod, The Recon, I have officially gotten into the world of modding and have begun planning my next piece. After considering what I want...

Historically Significant Quartz Watches

When looking back at important and historically significant watches, quartz pieces very rarely get a mention. In an attempt to remedy this, I thought...

Any love for CWC SBS Diver?

My latest pickup is this CWC blacked out SBS quartz diver. I am not a great expert on these things - but as far as I know it was introduced in 1987 -...

CWC G10 Fatboy 80 - British Military Field Watch

Serving in the British Military, it is only natural for me to be interested in British Military watches. Founding Cabot Watch & Clock Company star...

Pretty in Pink

CWC SBS x Mushi strap x Stirling Compass

Watch & Car Pairings?

I've spent the day tinkering with a 1985 Ex Military Land Rover while wearing my late 1984 Ex Military CWC G10 and it got me thinking, the two are a p...

My three companions 😎

Here is the three main watches of my collection ! You can notice my taste for military inspired/issued watches ;) Top : CWC SBS Issue (no date) Right...

Own one of these 3?

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