Current state of the collection 鈴憋笍

This is the state of my collection currently. I like to keep a bit of variety as well as versatility. I really enjoy all of these pieces and they are definitely worth checking out if you are on the fence about purchasing one. Any suggestions on my next purchase?


Nice colours 馃槑

Those Citizen dress 'em! Can't wait to get the yellow one myself.

Use your own judgement about your next watch, brother. 馃槈 That's one of the joys of collecting - the discovery process. Nose around the daily WRUW posts for inspiration.

Give us a direction to go with for your next purchase and I'm sure you will get plenty of suggestions.

Great selection, you have great taste with watches.

I love those Tsuyosa's, specifically those colors too. Great looking watches.

You have a nice collection Good Brotha. As far as your next watch just go with something that speaks to YOU.

Nice variety in that assortment!

I like the Lunar Pilot but can鈥檛 imagine on 6.5鈥 (165mm) wrist. I鈥檓 guessing you have larger wrist?

Very nice my friend!

Nice collection Ulysses! What do you feel you are missing, if anything?

Love the collection, especially all the colors. 馃挭馃徏

Rock solid collection. I'd recommend a leather band dress watch... but I'm a big fan of wearing leather band dress watches even in more casual outfits.