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Watch course for beginners. Chapter 1: Your spouse

Welcome to this first chapter in ”Watch course for beginners”. Here we focus on the foundation to create the watch collection in your dreams. It’s ea...

My collection

My ever growing collection.

Which one to choose


New to WatchCrunch (My Current Collection)

Hi Everyone! I’ve been watching the watchcrunch channel for a while and finally downloaded the app. I decided to post my collection as my first post....

Can you build a collection for the price of an Apple Watch? 🧐 I realize that $400 for the base Apple Watch may be a tad limiting. So I turned it up a notch and mad...

Motorsports and cars brought me into this hobby

Who else ended up here deep in the rabbit hole of watches because of their love for motorsports and cars? In relation to @Hodonkee post on F1 and chro...

Grail watch now or a few more flips?

So I have a watch dilemma I would like some thoughts on. I have been buying and flipping a few watches here and there now that the bubble has run its...

Crunchers Assemble!

Hey Crunchers! I need your brains! I've got one slot left in my 'Main 12' that I can fill this year. I've an idea what will go here but I'd love to he...


Just 2 of the many brands thatll be @ district time over the weekend. I might be a little excited
Now that I'm down for the count for a little while I think I will try out some different things. Raketa CCCP on a green nato for today. Have a great w...