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WatchYourIntruder ·

Do you protect yourself?

I realised that watches is worth some money. The sums add up over time and I felt forced take a grip of how I protect my darlings and how I am covered...
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Mistermac ·

Gen 1 Orange Seiko

So I have the chance to get this Orange Seiko Monster for a good price. Owner says everything runs properly. Bezel turns and clicks as is should and k...
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Notawatchsnob ·

What do you think??

Dave Portnoy is known for a lot of things but watches are not one of them
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Mistermac ·

State of the collection

Here is the state of my collection. Had to put my Eco drives and solars on the windowsill to charge and need to organize them. I have had some of thes...
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Nuclear1711 ·

My Chronograph Sub-collection!

Just joined the site last night, and thought I should start showing the goods, this is what we're all here for after all, is it not? Ordered in no par...
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GeeShock ·


After looking through my collection, think I'm pretty happy where it stands. Have my g shocks ( obviously)...wonder if I would wear them all on my wri...
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WatchYourIntruder ·

Weak during Black Week

First suntrip since covid was spent in Meloneras, Gran Canaria. Biggest of the Islands that numerous times been nominated for the worlds best climate...
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Docfluty ·

Finally filled up my watch box.

With the new Baltic and Farers showing up, my wear box is finally full. I like all of these in their own way. Some are forever watches and some will b...
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Yusufhayat ·

My two watch collections

I do own more than 2 watches but these 2 are the ones I wear the most. They complement each other perfectly while the Hamilton being a bit more dressy...
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robwei ·

More Polls! IIcohow-wowyp

I like polls. @witcher.watcher s fantastic sub 400 shoot out is coming to an end soon and I am afraid to fall into a poll-less hole. Thankfully @mjosa...
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