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Timex 10-Watch Collection

Greetings, fellow crunchers! It’s time to reveal the majority of my precious horological treasures, now that I’ve maxed out one of my watch boxes! If...

Opinions on wearing luxury watches at the gym or during sports?

I’ve had this question looming in my mind over the last 6 months and I’ve gone back and forth. Now that I own 10+ watches with 3 of them in the $1k+ category, I’m curious on how many people rock their...
88 votes ·

What was your first “luxury” watch purchase? Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression Neon Green

Right around the same time this limited-edition Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression 53 released, I had just transitioned into a corporate role after bei...

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commented on 1968 Timex 60 Meters Diver ·

Nothing like Timex! Such a cool watch 💪🏼

commented on Watches & Waters (South Florida) Meetup ·

I’ll make the time! Sounds like a blast. 💪🏼

commented on luckydragon's WRUW ·

Link for the strap?! Looks AMAZING!

commented on SOTC a mission accomplished ·

If this is end game, you’ve more than surpassed goals. Your story behind each is incredible.

commented on Christmas ·

Thanks for the chuckle with the caption. 😂 beautiful watch too 💪🏼

commented on Salmon choices ·

If you can find this Timex Marlin California dial used, it’s a steal for ~$200. This is my first foray into the salmon/nude dial and I’m in love!

commented on Spring is in the air! Bulova “Surveyor” ·

What strap is this?!

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First post! Black Friday purchase: Zodiac Olympos ZO9703

I’m a huge fan of Zodiac watches and while I was out this past Black Friday, I happened to see this incredible dress watch I’ve been eyeing at a local...