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Tip of the day!

Forget the magnet on a stick or the dedicated hand held vac. Lint roller, now that鈥檚 the ticket! Never thought I鈥檇 find it!

Tip for today

If you are not using these, then you should be. They are Gel-Sticks These will get all that garbage that Rodico won鈥檛 get. There are some bigger versi...

Bulova lunar pilot

Anyone know what the exact crystal size is for the Bulova lunar pilot. I have someone wanting a domed crystal for it but I don鈥檛 have his watch to mea...

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commented on Just got this from my grandpa

That watch uses a capacitor, not a battery.

commented on Timex releases a new Ironman watch

Nice colors!

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commented on Update

I use this to hold my watches and I use the round movement holders and the Bergeron holders

commented on Tip time

Ok I found what I got.

commented on Tip time

Amazon is the best place to look. It鈥檚 been so long ago, I鈥檇 have to search again just like you.

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I keep em coming

This has been great servicing watches and building custom watches. Just thought I鈥檇 show a few that I have on my website. Enjoy Stop by and check it o...

Tip time

I bet you have one? We all bought one at the beginning. But I bet you have a love hate relationship with it too? Yep, the PAD!!!! I keep mine around j...

Tip time!

Oh how many of us break the cardinal rule when opening up case backs. The screw down kind I鈥檓 talking about. Say what you will, but the only acceptabl...


I told you about this fantastic vice from Harbor Freight, well I bought another and like a watch, I MODDED IT!. Now my watch holder is the vice,

Tricks of the trade

I鈥檓 sure I鈥檝e mentioned this before but for those of you who are new and are starting in modding. When it comes to bezel insert replacement, don鈥檛 tak...


Have a special deal going on for Easter. Just an fyi. Thx Check out my updated site