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Watched the original Roadhouse last weekend after watching the remake a couple of weeks ago, and I can say with certainty the remake is definitely mis...

Just a cool Lume shot

Like I said just a cool Lume shot

My Big Freaking Kinetic

The BFK, I鈥檝e never been so smitten by a watch except for my first automatic watch, the Vostok Amphibia. It鈥檚 funny cause I鈥檝e owned plenty of quartz...

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commented on wonTlr8Bzlplay's WRUW

Love the murdered out look

commented on citizengray's WRUW

Love citizens star wars watches

commented on RobertWood's WRUW

Very nice! Never payed much attention to long island watches but this is making me reconsider

commented on kekker's WRUW

No course lol just work a desk job

commented on *TRIGGER WARNING: Leather on divers* | Do you think this combo works?

My divers stay on leather natos

commented on kekker's WRUW

I heavily recommend the mall absolutely beautiful watch

commented on What鈥檚 your go to 鈥渢ool鈥 watch鈥.?

My seiko kinetic is my tool watch, quartz movement and a robust build


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Raw Leather

Bought a raw leather nato strap a couple weeks ago and I鈥檓 in love with how much the strap has change. Gots a beautiful golden brown hue, creases at w...

New Brew!

Was expecting the new release to be a metric but it鈥檚 actually a retro, overall love it though. Dial is of course espresso inspired and it鈥檚 limited t...

Brew metric on a bund?!?!?

I love a good chronograph on a bund strap but I never thought about putting one on my metric until I saw Brews new collab with Alton Brown. Definitely...

New Natos

just got a few natos i wanted to show off

SOTC kek edition

Just wanted to show off my collection, very satisfied with it. Now that I鈥檓 kinda content with it as is I can save some money

Some changes

Threw the bradner back on the bracelet and had the crazy idea to put my a100we on a bund strap