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I got myself a Discontinued JDM G-Shock 'Arnie'

Despite my journey on how many G-Shocks I own, I have only 2 and nothing crazed about more for me. However, there's something different about this one...

Speaking of a Graphic Designer watch...

Braun BN0035 Chronograph This is a particular watch I came across that has received little attention. I have been unable to come across any YT reviews...

Uncle Straps Bracelet Z199 Hamilton KFM 38mm

Bracelets can be default (or perhaps sporty) when worn on a daily basis. When I believed there were no other Hamy straps options available, I had an e...

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SunnyCrackit commented on Mark.L's WRUW Β·

β€˜Time is relative.’ Its fascinating if you have seen the film and this watch featured in it πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

SunnyCrackit commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW Β·

Thanks again brother frankπŸ€™πŸ»

SunnyCrackit commented on KyleSchut's WRUW Β·

Lovely combo πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

SunnyCrackit commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW Β·

Thanks rich! Without a doubt, looking at there are exceptional Invicta watches that not only maintain their relevance but also offer classic designs at an affordable price, regardless of their bulky and oversized 'hublot' or 'richard mille' wannabe designs.

SunnyCrackit commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW Β·


SunnyCrackit commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW Β·

Thanks! I took the video on my iPhone, utilized the Adobe Express App to easily 'Convert to GIF' for free, and uploaded it as is. You're welcome πŸ‘

SunnyCrackit commented on Tebby13's WRUW Β·

No worries, its your own taste that matters most! Enjoy man πŸ‘πŸ»

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My first experience with San Martin Watches and there is something that I really wanted about it

Received this recently, and I am blown away with the quality that is assured by them. The 2023 Green Pouch is a premium improvement from the subpar, b...

Discovering my Fathers Reservist Timepiece with getting it restored and running again

It was a one-day, typical Sunday afternoon. I decided to explore the storage room of my house (I live in a flat on Singapore). As I ventured through h...

Just bought a hidden gem from Seiko. Classy, Resemblance of a Traditional Clock look – Seiko SRK047P1

Purchased and received this from Jomashop for $134 USD. They send a free discount code for coffee too! Good considering the price of Seikos and I real...

Find Your Time's Rhythm with Music & Watches

Hello everyone! I had this intriguing and fun idea, and I've been pondering: which timepiece perfectly harmonizes with a song? Show us what best illus...

My Uncle’s Seiko, literally . . .

I'm beamed with joy! Finally, my uncle and I got our hands on the ultra-desirable Seiko watch. Another Japanese craftsmanship of this limited-edition...

My first personal showcase on a Themed SOTC – Honoring the Past, Perfecting the Present: Modern Iteration of Vietnam War Era Timepieces

Good day and Hello all! This is a meticulously crafted and deeply meaningful to me as this is my inaugural extensive State of the Collection post. #co...