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Glycine combat sub vs squale 20 Atmos

Can’t decide which is the best bang for your buck 🤔
23 votes ·

New Seiko monster👹

Monster mash! Got this JDM from the gotemba outlets in Japan

Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926

Can’t decide if I should go for a vintage Rolex or a brand new Tudor 1926. I’m certain that the Tudor fits as I will get a 41mm due to my large 9 inch wrist, but I’m afraid that the Rolex will be too...
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commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

I see, thanks for the advice John

commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

Yours is a 38mm?

commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

Yea I really love that watch as well! Has more flair than the 1926, it doesn’t look as good on those advertisement shots but on wrist shots this is much nicer than I expected

commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

Oh I haven’t, I’ll check them out

commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

They’re around the same price range actually! I think the Tudor is the better choice as well

commented on HEY WATCHFAM IM BACK ·

Yes 🫡

commented on elguapothe1's WRUW ·

Definitely man 💯

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