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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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Sun-bleached orange or mint green deck chairs

The other day over dinner my wife told me that she almost bought new lounge chairs but couldn't decide on the color. It was either light green or oran...

Circula AquaSport Old Radium

Shortly after I became interested in micro brands I noticed the German brand Circula and their AquaSport 2 Skindiver. The design and case shape appeal...

Who owns a Rolex?

I would like to know who on here owns a Rolex or two? Maybe it‘s a growing interest in the brand or there are just a lot of Rolex related posts lately, but i would like to know the percentage of real...
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romaker commented on romaker's WRUW ·

The no date version is cool. I‘m still looking for one like that.

I also have a ds-2 from 68 with a silver dial. I do prefere the smaller size of the vintage version but the powermatic 80 has It’s adventages.

romaker commented on romaker's WRUW ·

It‘s really a great watch. I can only recommend it.

romaker commented on Sad NWA ·

oh sure. as long as you get what you ordered and the record doesn't skip 😜

romaker commented on Sad NWA ·

I‘m also waiting for some vinyls from germany and they are in the delivery truck since last week.

But thats not as bad as your story. Congrats for the new watch!

romaker commented on What are your favorite watches to pair with a NATO strap? ·

I think so. It is the Boldr Venture Earth with a titanium dial.

romaker commented on What are your favorite watches to pair with a NATO strap? ·
romaker commented on romaker's WRUW ·

Hey! The accuracy is pretty good. I don‘t have a timegrapgher but i think it‘s running around 7 seconds fast per day. The overall build quality is great.

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Watch theft in Germany is a thing now

Apparently, watch theft is now also an issue in Germany. I just read about two cases in Munich. This is actually one of the safest big cities in Germa...

One watch for the class reunion

My high school class reunion is tomorrow and with a little help from my friends i may be able to decide which watch i should wear. So now it‘s your turn. Any advice?
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Interview with Mr. VintageCertinas, Pascal Wattenhofer

All the Certinarios or Certina fans that like vintage watches probably know this site already: Here is an interesting interview...

Interview with Pascal, Mr. Vintage Certinas

Sick in bed and which watch on your wrist?

The sun finally arrived in northern Germany and my body decided it's time for a break. So I'm staying in bed today and choose the Sinn 558I RS to keep...

Spontaneous impulse purchase on a terrible day

Last week i had a pretty terrible day and after trying to distract myself on Chrono24 i ended up buying an old Zenith Stellina. And i didn't even care...