Does your profession influence your collecting strategy?

Do you take your work into account when buying watches? Or at least a large segment of your collection? Curious here since I feel like this tournament has such a breadth but noticing some votes and bow outs based on work. Most adults spend the majority of their week at work, so it does make sense that if you are laboring hard and around machines you might want watches that reflect that. And then there might be the issue of not wanting to stick out too much (or maybe you do want to stick out and make an impression in certain fields like real estate or finance etc). I鈥檓 a writer and creative writing professor at a private college, so I鈥檓 always thinking what makes sense for a business casual chino/sport coat attire that also can fly under the radar to some degree (at least to non watch people . . . So no Rolex, no gold, nothing too bling).


By not making enough money to buy more watches? Yes...

For me definitely, always worked in engineering. Started off as a tool maker.

Before recently retiring, I worked for Blatchford, manufacturer of prosthetic limbs. When working to microns, the engineering of watches is appreciated. Some parts had a tolerance band of 0.005mm.

Ridiculous in reality, machine shop wasn't a controlled temperature environment, QC was. Even in that environment, I failed parts one day, went back to them the next and measurement was within limit.

Once a patient wears the part in any temperature........ Different materials, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, carbon fibre. Different expansion / contraction rates. 馃馃槺

Working in IT from home full time, no, it doesn't affect how I collect since I can wear whatever I want. In my pajamas.

Omegas, Tudors, and a lot of smartwatches where I work. But in all reality I can wear whatever I want, as far as watches are concerned.

It certainly affects which watches I'm able to afford or not

My background is in finance.

I'm rarely willing to take the depreciation hit of buying a watch new unless it's dramatically discounted.

Also awareness of the difference between pricing and costs of production and the huge margins on luxury brands mean I don't buy luxury.

I like yellow gold and it's unfashionable and the melt value provides a nice partial hedge against fluctuations in the wider used watch market.


By not making enough money to buy more watches? Yes...

Yep, that's the kicker for a lot of us haha.

Like any hobby, this is about personal enjoyment. Far too many worry about outside factors. If you can't buy and enjoy what you like, what's the point? Obviously, for many it's a functional thing and that makes sense if activity dictates. If it's because you don't want to make a certain impression, I think you're worried about the wrong thing. 99% of people don't care about your watch.

Retired no rules here. I do understand how the working class consider watch purchases based on profession and attire. I did when I was working. Now I'm free to not care anymore more.

Yes! Also, a very interesting post. It is cogent too as a soldier would not wear a dress watch into battle, but they would wear a G-Shock into battle.

I work in healthcare. Wash my hands constantly and the watch goes on and off frequently during procedures. My Gshock square is my choice for all of this.

Plus I don鈥檛 like wearing anything expensive in front of people that struggle to afford to make rent or eat every month. I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 appropriate. Days off and after work I wear whatever I want 馃憤