This or That? Neo-Vintage Edition: Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase vs. Speedy Pro-Moonphase

The search for a chrono and a moonphase continues. Of course these don't have to be the same watch, but why not kill two birds with one stone. Looking at some variants of the Speedy Moonphases (like the 3876.50) w/ the 1861 movement with moonphase module . . . and increasingly the late 90s/early 2000s Zenith Chronomaster Triple Calendar Moonphase with the 410z El Primero chronometer certified hi-beat movement. The speedy fits like a speedy and the Zenith sits a bit smaller with a 46mm and some change lug-to-lug and 13mm thickness (about 1mm thinner than the Omega). Both are going for about 6 to 7k in very good condition. Yes, Zenith JUST released a new version of this watch (slightly more compressed even) with gold accents and different colors . . . I think the new versions are a bit too flashy for my liking. Leaning toward the Zenith, I think and in some ways there might be the argument that it is the better watch, but both are gorgeous, timeless, full of history, and have robust movements. I think this is one where you're going to be swayed by different stories and by a knee-jerk emotional reaction. But what say you?
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Automatically giving Zenith an extra 10% to account for what I'll call the "Omega effect" on forums (and in the enthusiast community generally) haha. In any case, lots of love on both sides. A tough decision indeed.

I'd prefer separate watches. A vintage gold with a moonphase and a separate chronograph. Although the zenith triple calendar is very intriguing. I just ordered a zenith chronomaster. So I see why you consider that watch!