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Jun 03, 2022

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Kurono's latest watch and with a calendar complication This watch is currently nominated for the GPHG...
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Seiko should stop cannibalizing Grand Seiko

I just don't get it. Seiko has spring drive movement watches priced at $5k, why would I buy a Grand Seiko for $9k with the same movement? On top of th...
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Help me pick a strap for Ming 37.07

I am a male with dark skin. The new ming 37.07 comes with a choice of White Rubber Strap or Oxblood Barenia Strap, both made by Jean Rousseau. Which one would you pick? There is also an option to pick...
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watchdawg commented on Thoughts on Swiss Hamiltons ·

I have the Hamilton Khaki Field and I love that watch, it keeps time and had no issues. I did swap out the straps for a rubber strap I found on Amazon. For the price it is a great watch. 

watchdawg commented on Remove scratch or sell as is? ·

many vintage collectors frown upon polished cases. I know someone who tried to sell their 5711 after it was serviced and polished by Patek, but the buyers offered lower price because of the polish job. Personally I prefer not to see any scratches.

watchdawg commented on Keep or Trade-in? ·

To me it sounds like you are leaning towards options 3. already. I think from a value retention perspective that might be the better choice. Some old timer once told me.. never sell you first watch, you will regret that decision later. 

watchdawg commented on Which Watch Will You Take to the Grave? ·

Like a pharaoh... all of them! just kidding .. I don't own any watches.. I only look after them for the next generation. 

watchdawg commented on Fixed lug watches ·

I know that omega has some fixed lugs in their offering. 

watchdawg commented on My Magical Wife ·

What is her real motive? 

watchdawg commented on Want a Richard Mille, But You're Age 6? ·

Just wait till you can afford the real thing. 

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Ming 37.07 latest (timed) release.

I think the latest Ming 37.07 looks cool. Anyone else here have a difference of opinion? Anyone here passing up this release because of the increase i...
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What is your domain expertise?

Watch collecting spans across people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds. It will be cool to see what type of industry watchcrunchers associated with. I tried to pick 4 broad categories, if you are...
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KURONO TOKYO GRAND MORI - Hajime Asaoka Design

Just received the Grand Mori, the dial is spectacular. Not a huge fan of the strap. Now I have 2 of Kurono from this year, the Shiro 2 and Grand Mori
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Anyone here ordered the new Furlan Marri reference? looks like a Patek!
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RHD Deployant clasp - Anyone here ordered one?

I ordered a clasp from RHD ( and its been several weeks and I have not heard from them or got any shipping information. All I have i...
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Undone Popeye Arabian Knight. Lapis Lazuli Dial Arabic numerals.

Outdoor Shot in sunlight Indoor Shot in diffused sunlight. This is my latest addition to the collection. Undone Popeye Arabian Knights with Lapiz Lazu...
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Hagime Asaoka chronograph II white Shiro.

I was one of the fortunate few to score this watch. The watch arrived this afternoon, having owned a few grand seiko this watch has the same fit and f...
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