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Kurono Tokyo: Calendrier Type 'I'

Just arrived by DHL, Hajime Asaoka, Calendrier Type 'I'. It's a beautiful watch! The other annual calendar I have is a Zenith El-primero Chronometer T...
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Looks like brands are still facing supply chain issues

I got this from a few of the micro brands that I am waiting on. Looks like supply chain issues are still unresolved. This is from Ming, but I have sim...
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Newley serviced zenith inside fogged up.

I just got my zenith el primero services in LVMH NJ. I was at the ice rink this morning and the watch fogged up. Is this normal? My other watches I ha...
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watchdawg commented on Grand Seiko SBGJ227 'Peacock'. What is your favorite green dial Grand Seiko? ·

GS Green Birch. SLGH011

watchdawg commented on Best watch for scientists ·

Bertling Navitimer has sliderule complication Among other things for scientific calculations 

watchdawg commented on How do you like your steak cooked? ·

Only less than 10% of the plant species are edible to humans compared to 95% of animal species. And farming is the most environmentally unfriendly activity compared to ranching. If it makes you feel better eat vegetarian, just keep in mind that you are not doing nature any favors. 

watchdawg commented on German airport officers seize over 2,000 fake luxury watches ·

Probably end up in China town. 

watchdawg commented on China Revolt Image Watch ·

Looks like he is getting "rolled over".. so a Rolex? I know bad joke couldn't resist... But CN is notorious for fake anything, so who can tell if it is even a real watch. 

watchdawg commented on Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!! ·

Whatever happened to the rumors that were floating around last year that Hodinkee might ink a deal with Rolex to be their 1st online AD ? 

watchdawg commented on Thanksgiving meal...what do you eat? ·

BTW who came up with the idea of eating bland tasting yard bird! Why did they not pick something tasty like bacon. 

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Delayed! Kurono Tokyo Calendrier ‘Type I’

Just got this email this morning saying that Kurono Calendrier Type I is delayed due to QC issues. I appreciate the honesty, and letting customers kno...
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Grand Seiko “Green Birch” Hi-Beat SLGH011

Just arrived today by fedex the green birch. I have say it’s spectacular in person. I really love the green on the dial.
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Grand Seiko Customer appreciation is awesome!

Grand Seiko customer appreciation is really awesome! I have 4 GS in my collection. I recently got a package from GS and inside were a 2 watch case, Ti...
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Kurono's latest watch and with a calendar complication This watch is currently nominated for the GPHG...
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Seiko should stop cannibalizing Grand Seiko

I just don't get it. Seiko has spring drive movement watches priced at $5k, why would I buy a Grand Seiko for $9k with the same movement? On top of th...
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Help me pick a strap for Ming 37.07

I am a male with dark skin. The new ming 37.07 comes with a choice of White Rubber Strap or Oxblood Barenia Strap, both made by Jean Rousseau. Which one would you pick? There is also an option to pick...
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Ming 37.07 latest (timed) release.

I think the latest Ming 37.07 looks cool. Anyone else here have a difference of opinion? Anyone here passing up this release because of the increase i...
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