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Review: Orient Symphony IV (the underrated Orient)

When someone mentions Orient, it鈥檚 often the Bambino or the Kamasu that comes to mind. What if I told you there was a sleeper pick that offers the sap...

Orient RA-AC0F10S

3.8 Avg. Score

SPB313 or SPB143

Hey y鈥檃ll, I鈥檓 looking to get an automatic Seiko diver around 1000 USD. Which would you recommend and why?
117 votes

Any JDM watches/shops to recommend?

Hello crunches! Any JDM watches/shops to recommend? I鈥檓 heading to Tokyo next month for a short holiday and am looking to buy a casual and affordable...

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commented on 17 months review of the Squale Sub-39 SuperBlue

Killer review! Thanks for the good read, and always nice to see fellow Singaporean on WatchCrunch. 鈽猴笍 You鈥檝e certainly made a compelling case for Squale and this watch. I will take a deeper look at the collection in Gnomon the next time I鈥檓 there! Cheers 馃

commented on Watch Collecting Lessons from an Orangutan

Excellent read! Cheers mate!

commented on What鈥檚 the complication you鈥檙e going with if you could only pick one?

I voted for the GMT, but would also like to add a special mention for the moonphase. There are certain cultures (particularly asian ones) that follow the lunar calendar for their rituals. For example, some devout Buddhists eat vegetarian meals on the 1st & 15th of every lunar month, so the moonphase feature would be very practical for them 馃対

commented on Cartier santos blue dial

Lovely piece! You鈥檝e got a keeper right there (*both the watch and its 鈥済ifter鈥) 馃槈

commented on My Watch collection so far as a student

Nice collection! Might I suggest watches with some complications, say a GMT or chronograph? The Seiko 5 GMT or Orient Mako Solar Chronograph are rather affordable options!

commented on Help me find a watch for my girlfriend!

Coincidentally, I have also given a F-91W to my wife and she uses it as her daily driver. They are fantastic work horses with a modest presense on the wrist!

Anyway, if you ask me, I would recommend skipping the digital/anidigital options and go straight to analog (quartz). It鈥檒l work for dressier occasions and stand out more from the Casio. Maybe a Timex expedition or weekender? Good to dip her toes inexpensively into this realm to find out if analog watches are her thing (or not).

commented on iommi30's WRUW

Very unique dial!

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Seiko Prospex 200M Sumo Solar Black GMT SBPK003 JDM Review

Got myself this Sumo Solar Black GMT for my birthday today! This is a sleeper Seiko pick and I鈥檓 surprised to have not seen any posts about this on Wa...

Seiko SBPK003 JDM

4.0 Avg. Score

Tissot PRX 35mm Quartz, light blue or light green for announcement of baby girl?

Hi everyone! I鈥檓 looking to get a watch to commerate the gender reveal of my first child (it鈥檚 a girl!) I have tried the watch in person and it fits my 6.5 inch wrist perfectly. Which dial colour do y...
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