I'm Sorry Omega

Okay… I get it.

5 months ago I thought Seamasters were dumb. I hated the shape of the bezel. I hated the stupid wavy lines on the dial.

Well on Christmas Eve I went to the local jeweler, the owner has been a watchmaker for 40 years. I had intended to buy a Seiko GMT that I was looking at online, one of 3 entry level watches I was planning to buy this year. They didn’t have the Seiko, but they had some vintage Omega dress watches that Caught my eye.

That’s when the owner’s son brought out a watch from the back. “If you like those Omegas you’ll love this,” he said as he unveiled a freshly serviced 50th Anniversary Seamaster 300 GMT.

Thoughts started streaming through my head:

“Look at that wavy dial, look at that weird looking bezel, who would want….” As soon as I saw the dial in the light, a few wires in my brain shorted out. Boy was I wrong. The dial isn’t stupid. It’s mesmerizing.

I went to celebrate Christmas Eve with family, but that night I could not sleep. I spent 2 weeks posting stuff for sale online and trying to justify the watch. I figured the 3 watches I planned to buy added up to $1750, and they’d be worth half that on the secondary market. The Seamaster at least would hold its value. Mostly.

Tuesday night I was ready.

I went to the local store and the owners son was surprised to see me. ”I’m here for the Seamaster,” I said.

He sold the watch on Sunday. It was my fault, I said I was interested, but I hadn’t followed up in a week and I hadn’t left a deposit. We discussed the possibility of him finding another one for me. But that’s when I remembered that I met a guy who deals with vintage watches at a vintage BMW event in September - BMWs, another thing I was wrong about when I ignorantly hated them.

I reached out to the BMW guy and asked him if he could keep an eye out for me. As fate would have it, he had just gotten one in.

The watch arrived this morning. I can’t believe how wrong I was. Online pictures just don’t do these spectacular watches justice.

So accept my humble apology, Omega. You’ve created a masterpiece. I’m the one who was too stupid to realize… better late than never


Most of them are dumb.  That one, on the other hand, is baller.


Congrats, that thing is nice!


Great story! Enjoy your honeymoon!


Lovely watch, sword hand Seamasters are awesome 👌 Congrats 🍻


Congrats Mike... This is Nick Wood by the way. 


Congrats!  And yes vintage BMWs are awesome too!


The pre ceramic era of Omega Seamaster is, by far, my favorite era.  It is an exceptional watch.


Awesome piece. I hope to own a similar watch one day.


That'll learn ya to underestimate Omega.


I swear some watches just grow on you if you look at them/research them long enough. She's a beauty! Congratulations :)


Glad to see you got your hands on one, its an awesome watch (and family of watches). That first line made me ACTUALLY laugh out loud. That feeling of defeat but you're OK with it because its "good defeat" 😂 My co-workers probably think I'm nuts.