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Suggestions for Crowns on the left?

I've had a few watches come and go over the years. Not as many as some of you weirdos, but closing in on triple digits. Not being the brightest bulb,...
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Beater Watches?

Hi All. After 20 years, I'm still confused by the concept of "beater" watches. While you're unlikely to wear your Charming Bird to run a jackhammer, most of what we buy should be more than capable of...
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Am I who I thought I was?

For years I've been saying "don't buy a lot of new cheap watches; buy 1 or 2 preowned nicer ones", but my last 7 or 8 have all been new and < $1k....
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ds760476 commented on Censor For A Day! ·

We certainly do seem to be in an "it says anything bad about GShock and it gets the hose again" phase around here. I mean, they're fine, but let's be reasonable.

ds760476 commented on What's your opinion on the Doxa SUB 200? ·

I'm a sucker for DOXAs, although I haven't bought a current model in about 10 years. The 200 and 600 are nice, and I've strongly considered both, but I "need" the cushion case of the 300/old 600/750/1000/1200.

ds760476 commented on Would you rather buy one really nice watch or have a few less expensive watches? ·

2 or 3 pretty nice watches > 1 really nice watch

ds760476 commented on If only one watch……. ·

Doxa 750

ds760476 commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

The green and purple is horrible. I love it.

ds760476 commented on A rock and a hard place ·

I don't even care about Gshocks and I would wear the heck out of that!

ds760476 commented on Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned... ·

As long as you like it, and feel that the price is appropriate, WGAF what the brand is...

I like that the designs are weird. We spend so much time talking about a handful of brands that we are "supposed" to like that it's good to see some fresh stuff.

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Rant and a question. I’ve been a voracious consumer of watch-related podcasts for the last 7 or 8 years, but I’m having some trouble finding content t...
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Experience with ZRC Grands Fonds?

Having come to the conclusion that not having a 3:00 crown is now my primary watch criteria, I'm looking at a few options. Some, like the Sinn U50 and...
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