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Filipino Microbrand 🇵🇭

A very dear friend of mine gifted me this watch. As an enthusiast, it makes me feel proud that a microbrand company from the Philippines is making its...
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A special moment with my father

I’ve been seeing tribute posts about fathers lately and that always gets me choked up as I am also close to my Dad. To give you a little background, I...
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A GMT is a GMT… period!

If you’ve seen my post a couple of weeks ago, you know that my favorite watch complication is the GMT. Whether I’m traveling or not, I track another time zone that’s relevant to me. There are two type...
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geogop commented on Advice for New Collector ·

If you only purchase watches you can afford and not buy on credit, you’ll be just fine. Enjoy the hobby… it IS a hobby.

geogop commented on Day Light Savings ·

I voted “B” since I like the longer days during the summer.

geogop commented on Remembering you, Mom. ·

Beautiful tribute, Pare… may your Mom rest in peace.

geogop commented on BB chrono on rubber, yes or no? ·

Thank you! It is my favorite combo.

geogop commented on BB chrono on rubber, yes or no? ·

The BB Chrono is so versatile you should also try it with a NATO strap.

geogop commented on Do you let your wrist dictate your watch size? ·

Let no one dictate what you should do in this hobby… it’s your call!

geogop commented on Seiko Alpinist Ginza. What is your favorite watch to take photos of? ·

Thank you, Sir! 🍻

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Perfect travel companion (a Black Friday acquisition)

Been wanting a GMT to accompany me when I travel that would not break the bank, stylish, and reliable. But most of all, I wanted something that makes...
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Hey Cruncher, where are you from?

It’s always nice to be in a friendly setting where everyone is in different places from all over the world. The places/countries we come from does inf...
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Does the Grand Seiko name affect your perception of the brand?

As I’ve become a big fan of Grand Seiko, I have noticed that some collectors are “bothered” that the brand still bears the “Seiko” name, and they find it hard to justify paying high end prices. Admitt...
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Favorite Complication?

Currently, I have watches that have date complications, a couple of chronographs, and a GMT. Though I’ve never owned any, I am familiar with other com...
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My Two Absolute Keepers

Like many of us here, my collection has evolved through the years. Currently, I have 8 timepieces including the two that are pictured here. No matter...
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Top 5 Favorite Brands

Hi All, Other than Rolex, Patek, AP, & VC, list your top 5 favorite brands. Here’s mine in no particular order: Omega Grand Seiko Tudor JLC IWC Le...
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