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So it is 5 seconds off. Am I weird?

I put on my Aqua Terra today and realized it is 5 seconds fast. I immediately sat down and hacked the watch for time to catch up with me. Am I weird o...

I got "The Call"

It has been a long time it seems but the model I have been waiting for came in for me. Over the last month or two, I tried on several 40mm watches tha...

I got the call from my AD

I have been working with a jeweler for some time now and purchased some things including a Tudor GMT and I am having some repair work done. I was told...

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commented on FlatteryCamp's WRUW ยท

EJ Madman Across the Water was one of my favorite recordings.

commented on Please get me off the ledgeโ€ฆ.. ยท

It is a fine looking watch. I think the color way is actually pleasing, although that is a personal choice. If you like it, you should get it.

commented on Omega Geneve. My new daily watch, and it's a beauty. ยท

I think 36mm watches are a very good size. I plan on getting mine sometime this Summer.

commented on Thinking on getting the Longines Spirit Zulu Time in 39mm as my next watch. ยท

Great looking watch. It is one I would love to own.

commented on Retirement ยท

Congratulations, and well done. I love the World Timer, Congratulations on that as well.

commented on Citizen Chronomaster in Kyoto โ›ฉ๏ธโŒš ยท

That photo shoot was well worth doing.

commented on morningwatchmilwaukee's WRUW ยท

Sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost a dog that held a very special meaning to me, so I know your feeling of loss.

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Omega boutique stores

I went into my local Omega ย store and noticed that they have only a sparse number of Omega watches on hand. ย I tried a few on and noticed they had the...

I got the "Item has shipped" notification

I have been wanting this watch for a couple of years now. ย Finally I have made that decision, and now is the time, no travel is required, as UPS will...

New to the WatchCrunch.

Hello, Great to find a community that understands my enthusiasm for watches. ย