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Longines Event - Come Fly With Us

It feels like the Swatch Group keeps outdoing themselves! There was the Tissot pool party last summer to unveil their new Seastar collection. Then Ham...
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12 Months of Giveaways - March Edition!

It's my birth month so I'm giving back in a huge way with the ultimate "WIS Starter Kit"! Enter my giveaway here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cp2p70iu...
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Hamilton Hotel Party!

Got invited to the Hamilton VIP Preview Event held at 1Hotel Toronto. What an amazing fun time! Check out my recap here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C...
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IanCognito commented on Watch Crunch Photography Club + Weekly competition! ·

Actually nude now!

IanCognito commented on Are "Undone" Watches good? ·

I'm a big fan. Solid build quality and I've has zero issues with all of mine. They've also been around longest in terms of microbrands.

IanCognito commented on Longines Event - Come Fly With Us ·

Does this mean you didn't see my video recap? Wish we could post videos here...

IanCognito commented on Longines Event - Come Fly With Us ·

No secret here! I'm still shocked to be invited to these and I assume it could be all the above as you mentioned. But for me, it's for my Instagram and while I dislike the term, I guess I fall under "influencer".

IanCognito commented on Longines Event - Come Fly With Us ·

As anxious as I was, it was a surprisingly very smooth and gentle flight!

IanCognito commented on Longines Event - Come Fly With Us ·

I'll be getting it soon, so stay tuned for more hands-on review 👍

IanCognito commented on Longines Event - Come Fly With Us ·

If I'm invited to be in a sumo suit to wrestle in Japan, would you be my +1?

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#GMThursday: Quick Review of the Jack Mason StratoTimer

A Week on the Wrist Thanks to Peter @TimeToDesign , I was one of the first to get a production version of the Jack Mason StratoTimer so I could take i...
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Got the call!

For the vintage & modern Daytona I can afford 😅 👍
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NWA - Longines Pilot Majetek

I reached out to Longines for some swag for my "12 Months of Giveaways" and not only did they send multiples of tote bags, umbrellas, watch wallets, a...
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My 12 Months of Giveaways - Feb Edition!

Ok ladies & gents, continuing my monthly giveaways with a good one for February. I've been fortunate that several brands have jumped on to my "cha...
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#GMThursday with Jack Mason

Received the Candy Corn this week and it will be the perfect summer watch! Along with the Pepsi (Americana), I just need the green WatchCrunch Edition...
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Happy Lunar New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi to those who celebrate! 🎉🎉🎉 Don't forget, you can win this Citizen Promaster Navihawk by entering my giveaway here: https://www.inst...
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I have something better than watches...

And that's FREE watches! I did a recap recently of last year's 52 weeks of NWAs and it's honestly too much. So this year, I'm doing the opposite. I wi...
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