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KyleC93 ·

Benefits of buying at a storefront/AD versus an app

We all talk about what watches we want next, but we seem to talk very little about how we decide on where/who to buy from. For context, I've been savi...
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jakaplan4 ·

Intro to the internet watch fam

Hi All, I'm Josh from Boston. Obviously a big watch enthusiast. I collected a great sea/air/land/elegant/dress (SEALED) collection over this past year...
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OmegaXRolex ·

Omega Seamaster VS Rolex Submariner

Priced aside, which one do you like more? The Omega Seamaster or Rolex Submariner
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Docfluty ·

Finally filled up my watch box.

With the new Baltic and Farers showing up, my wear box is finally full. I like all of these in their own way. Some are forever watches and some will b...
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dwcsince88 ·

Need Help Finding A Bracelet

I have a really small wrist, 36mm is like the perfect size yet 38mm is almost reaching its max. As I kept browsing through watches mainly Divers I cam...
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Rome1234 ·

Seamaster once again!

Third seamaster came in yesterday! Another trade went down ( sort of addicted to the habit lately ) for my last Cartier Santos. Special thanks to “Cha...
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laurik ·

Original Bond is Back!

60th Anniversary Seamaster Diver 300M in stainless steel, with an exclusive animated caseback. Wonder how much it will cost.
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Jaypiddy ·

New Zulu style NATO strap for my Omega Planet Ocean

I love the chunkiness of this strap threads. They hold their own against the bulk of the Planet Ocean.
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jorgen83 ·

[SOTC] What's next?

Here's my small collection right now. Where do I go from here? What would you advise me to look at next?
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Rome1234 ·

Omega Seamaster Green!

Last week I posted a poll either Aquaterra Worldtimer or Green Seamaster… well I got both lol. Only way possible was to trade one of my Cartier Santos...
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