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HamiltonJuan ·

The Exit Watch Talk.

Everyone collects for different reasons and everyone has a story. In the beginning all I wanted was a tool watch. I ended up with five and I was conte...
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Bsblaw ·

Seamaster vs. Submariner

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ezpzCA ·

3 Watches to start off August

Desk Diver (Omega Seamaster Diver 300) Summer Everyday (MoonSwatch ”Earth”) Actual Diver (Citizen Promaster)
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mpower5266 ·

duuuuh nuuuh.....

My wife was out of town this weekend so while the kiddos were napping I snagged a quick pic of a couple Great Whites. IG:southern_watch
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bevelwerks ·

Omega X Swatch - 7 Seas Swatchmaster Collection

Introducing the Omega X Swatch - 7 Seas Swatchmaster Collection. To be sold exclusively on 7 separate Swatch Barges that will be circumnavigating each...
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borger ·

Opinions on Pagani Design?

As much as I love the designs of Omega and some Rolexes, the fact is, for me, they are just too much money. I don't have thousands of dollars laying a...
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TimexBadger ·

I think all of us deep in the hobby can relate

This guy embodies what it means to be a passionate watch collector, no matter what brand.
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HenryWilson ·

The new Omega Ultra Deep

Omega has once again outdone themselve with the Ultra deep!!! First thing I think they are spot on with the look of this watch and how crazy is it tha...
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watchchick132 ·

Omega GMT

I borrowed this timepiece. 42mm case size. Wanted to know if this would be too large for my wrist. I like it a lot.
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AWiseProf ·

Midsize Omega SMP

This little honey has always been a piece I’ve been interested in. While I’ve owned the newest SMP and enjoyed its full 42mm case, my curiosity for th...
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