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Happy National Broderick Crawford Day

That's a big 10-4 buddy.

My next watch...

Do any of my fellow WCers know if this exists as a watch? As a retired person, I need this; it would be the only watch I will ever need.

Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch question

I've tried to find the answer to this, but it looks like my searchfu is not all that strong. To the best of my knowledge, the 321 movement is the Spee...

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commented on What's your preferred movement on a watch? ยท

Why no choice for Manual Wind?

commented on What do you think about this Glashรผtte Original PanoMaticLunar? I love it ยท

Beautiful watch (and I'm not fond of moonphase watches). Can't beat that green with a stick.

commented on My most worn watch! ยท

It's actually more greenish, kind of grey/green. That's a poor shot. I know I have a shot that really shows green, I'll see if I can find it. It takes the right light to highlight the green, otherwise, it looks more grey

commented on My most worn watch! ยท

It's a close race between those two

Aqua Terra & Planet Ocean

commented on To Swim or Not To Swim? (5 ATM and Screw Down Crown) ยท

5atm is only 50 meters. I wouldn't trust it kayaking.

commented on Female Watch Influencers ยท

I prefer Jenni, but Brittany is pretty awesome, too.

commented on What would YOU do? ยท

Pick the 10 you like most, get rid of the rest. Then pick the 5 you really like, keep them, sell the rest.

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My next watch.

A little one the large side, but I'll manage

Is there a watch style that you've done a full 180ยฐ turn on

I mean is there a style that you originally hated, but you now fully embrace? For me it's dive watches. I never liked them much at all. Didn't like th...

My current collection

As requested by roeelupo. I think I need another caseย  Top to bottom, left to right. Row 1. Elgin pocket watch circa 1920s, G-Shock, Zodiac Super Sea...

Omega Aqua Terra 8900 review & opinions

I was looking at various Aqua Terra for several months. Trying to decide on a dial color & size. Also talking myself into spending upwards of $5,0...

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

5.0 Avg. Score