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NWA- Nodus Sector GMT

My wife gave me her blessing to get this Nodus as my Christmas gift this year. The Pacific colorway caught my attention. I actually prefer the caller...

If I were to buy a luxury watch

It would be a Breitling Chronomat 40 GMT in blue. Just saying. I'm not actually going to do it. Or maybe I will. Maybe I won't. I dunno. 😀

Patience pays off!

It’s been long awaited but I’ve finally got an offer from the AD (to try on only, and get on the waiting list) How long are people expecting to wait?

Travelling with 3 watches

I will be heading off on a 2-week holiday to Spain and France - specifically Barcelona, Sete and Marseille - starting Saturday evening. To do a quick...

Controversial post… wait for it…

This is a long one, please try to read to end before you comment. The Rolex Pepsi BLRO in ceramic is perfectly done. The fit and finish is top notch,...

New pickup arrived!! Norqain Freedom 60 GMT

First Norqain watch on wrist and it’s fantastic whilst not trying to be like anything else. Got it for a great deal and decided why not… more people n...

Travel Tuesdaay- let’s see your favorite GMT

Delma Santiago GMT Meridian for me, what GMT is in your collection or on your wish list

My love-hate relationship with Batgirl

Here’s my GMT Master II, which I got at a local AD a few months back. Me and one of bfs who’s also my watch buddy got our first Rolex watches together...

Will 2024 be the year of the GMT?

Whats your thoughts? A friend and I were discussing what we thought 2024 will look like. Both thinking we will see GMTs using the Miyota 9075 like the...

My 2 year watch collection - and a new Timex Q GMT

Hi All! With my first post here, I wanted to share my 2 year collection and my new Timex Q GMT that arrived in the mail today. This is my 6th watch, a...