Is Alba worth it?

Hi everyone itโ€™s amazing to finally be on Watch Crunch and be a part of this awesome community! I need help with my upcoming purchase which is an Alba watch. Please let me know if investing in Alba is a good decision or not as I am looking for a beater watch from them for around โ‚น10,500/-


If you like Alba watches, then spending your money on one is a good idea. If you think you will see a return on your "investment", you're most likely making a mistake.


Thanks for the suggestion! I just want to add a chronograph in my collection and I have found an amazing piece in their line up. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Alba is a good watch for it price. If you want to invest go buy stocks go buy gold go buy bitcoin, make profits and come back to buy watches ๐Ÿคฃ

Real now, seiko chrono will loss less value if you sell it second hand. Seiko secondhand market is pretty strong anywhere in the world.

Alba is so cheap I don't know why would I buy used, unless it like 70% off.


I just bought one from the 90's and it's really solid and has tons of character.