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Been wanting a good field watch for a while. Let鈥檚 see how it goes. Anybody else have this?

The 2836-2 Did Tissot stop making this movement?

My Visodate has the ETA 2836-2; thank goodness not the Powermatic 80. Is this movement discontinued or being phased out?

Got my first Rolex Submariner! 馃槀馃ぃ

JK, but I鈥檓 really excited for this one. All the specs needed, with a Swiss automatic movement, sapphire crystal with AR coating, ceramic bezel insert...

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commented on Can I slash the collection from 10 to 6?

Yeah, it鈥檚 easier done than said. I had 30 watches, I sold 23 of them. 馃嵒

commented on NWA not sure how I feel

Yeah, 38 is too small for me too. I ordered a Certina DS Nautic and it鈥檚 a 38mm and I鈥檓 sending it back. Too tiny!

commented on NWA not sure how I feel

Like a 38?

commented on NWA not sure how I feel

What鈥檚 got you doubting? Is it the shade of color? How the dial was done?

commented on What are your 鈥淕ADA鈥 watches?
commented on My First Spring Drive! NWA- SBGA465

Congratulations Lauren! 馃帀馃コ

commented on We see things differently!

I really love the Submariner, but I鈥檒l never spend that type of money on one鈥..

so I got this instead:


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Is it possible

What do you guys think鈥︹.is it possible to have a Rolex Submariner style watch, with a Swiss automatic movement, sapphire crystal with AR coating, cer...

My wife got me an Apple Watch鈥..

I have to admit, it kind of altered my way of collecting and looking at watches. This Series 9 battery lasts 3 days, longer than some of my automatics...

Farewell Citizen! 馃憢鉁岋笍

Sold and shipped. 21 watches sold鈥..I鈥檓 running out of watches. 馃ぃ 馃槀

What watches do you have that punch above their weight?

Hey WC 鈥︹ I have literally sold off about 23 watches out of my collection鈥..because I am really looking to just collect what I really enjoy to wea...

My buddy got me a watch for my bday BUT鈥.

Bulova, why does this Marine Star feel so cheap? Was this entire thing made in China? The bracelet, the finish on the steel, doesn鈥檛 say Japan movemen...

What is the extent of the 鈥渟hock protected鈥 label?

Anyone know how 鈥渟hock protected鈥 this watch is? Are we talking G-Schock level? 馃槀 馃ぃ