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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Strap Combos for inner peace ✌🏻

Yesterday I finally found the strap combination I looking for for so long to complement my Seiko Speedtimer. I tried several different straps for it a...

Latest addition to my collection

I got this vintage omega watch on eBay for a really good price at auction. It was sold as broken and not running, so my fingers started itching and I...

Implementing a watch to an outfit

Do you match your watches, dials and/or straps to your outfit? I love to do that as I see my watch as an important part of it as it’s the only accesso...

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commented on Best white OP alternatives? ·

Just build one yourself maybe? Switching for example mine to a no date dial in white (easy to find on the internet) and put on an oyster style bracelet and you basically get exactly what you want? And probably even cheaper then buying it complete. And more fun!

commented on Nothing Like A Bit of Hands-on ·

Same here! Definitely a great purchase! Also an absolute strap monster for future style changes 😍

commented on Hey guys! Which among these watches would be the most “bang for buck” or satisfying purchase to make? ·

Depends on your style. I’m more than happy with my brew 🥰 its really well made and feels solid


Love the mecha quartz and the gold and black really pops. Also the integrated style is amazing 😍

But you’ll probably not go wrong with any of these watches 👌🏼

commented on White watch Wednesday ·

Does silverish white count?

commented on Matziiiii's WRUW ·

Thanks! It also puts more emphasis on the dial 👌🏼

commented on Beautiful blues.......... ·

I have two blue dials:


This one as a strong light blue. 🏝️

And this one as a deessier style Datejust/GS style mod I built myself


Both definitely on the lighter side of blue.

Which opens up a gap for a future purchase 😬💙

commented on Looking to get a German Watch ·

My personal favourite is Junghans. Just by design. They also have a rich history with really pretty vintage watches.


The modern max bill line is also beautiful and affordable. Even the chronograph. And they all look amazing an all different kinds of leather straps 👌🏼

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Strap suggestions needed!

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Watches and their intended purpose

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Update: Gave my coworker his watche back 😊

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Helping out a workmate

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