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Altera strap on Omega Seamaster

The Taupe Altera strap on Omega SMP 😎 Sign up for the pre-release here if interested! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSelwy6xgo4nQUb64JZr0xQ...

First run of Altera watch straps!

Here it is, a sneak peek at our first run of straps. My goal with this run was to make a two piece traditional style strap that emulated a more vintag...

Altera Straps Upcoming Release

Hey everyone! Some of you may remember months ago I talked about launching a watch accessories brand. It’s been a fun but difficult process with lots...

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commented on What would you wear on a first date ? ·

Brilliant question! I would wear the seamaster 300, seems to be a non watch person favorite among my watches and just the right amount of sophisticated. I’m now in a relationship, but I used to wear the black dial Omega SMP on first dates. I was really just excited by the watch when first got it, but I feel it’s to flashy to wear on first dates now. The seamaster 300 is my GF favorite watch of mine.

commented on Black Bay Pro - Thoughts? ·

I had the BB pro for a time. Amazing watch! I actually saw the thickness as a bit of a plus because it made the watch feel very rugged and robust without having to large of a presence. much more tool watch in its DNA. Chances are if the thickness doesn’t bother you at first impression, the watch will only grow on you and you’ll love it more! My only plight with it was the mirror polished sides. If I had kept it I may have had it brushed, but it was only a small annoyance.

Good luck!

commented on So close, Timex. So close. ·

Ah a 19mm… good dimensions overall

commented on So close, Timex. So close. ·

I agree! What are the dimensions?

commented on If You Could Only Have A Single Omega Watch... Ep1. ·

Ooooo this is tough. I have the 21’ seamaster 300 and the modern black dial SMP.

I think I’d have to go with the seamaster 300 just bc it was a milestone for my career when I bought it and it’s such a simple understated watch off bracelet.

commented on If You Could Only Have A Single Omega Watch... Ep1. ·

Love the seamaster GMT, great watch you don’t see often!

commented on Son of …. ·

Wow that’s great to know though. I didn’t realize they had a tempature rating. Thanks for sharing!

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Conversational topic: Have you fallen in love with a watch only after owning it for awhile?

I recently “re-fell-in-love” with the seamaster 300, but only after near 2 years of ownership. I loved it at first, but questioned this purchase a lot...

Thoughts on Ocean Crawler brand?

Hey guys, I just found out about this very niche dive watch brand called “ocean crawler”. The name was a bit odd to me at first but after looking at t...

New pick up

Perhaps a cliche choice by now, but it really is such a fun, non pretentious watch. I was on vacation in Verona, Italy and lucky enough to get one in...

Time to part ways… Any pointers?

This will be my first time selling a “luxury” watch. I bought the Black bay Pro and Black bay fifty-eight with the intention of selling whichever one...

Making an exception for leather on diver 😍

This strap is from Veblenist and it just simply works with the Seamaster 300 heritage, I don’t even care I’m pairing leather with a diver 😍

Omega Seamaster 300 in Villa Del Balbianello Varenna, Italy 🇮🇹

Taking this Seamaster to an iconic Daniel Craig Bond location 😎