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Just wondering...

How long has WatchCrunch been around? When did it start? Just curious. 馃榾
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Help Me Decide...

Ok, I plan to buy all 4 of these watches eventually... but which ones would you get first? They are divided into two categories, based on cost: Low-En...
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Random Thought: Liquid Glass

Just wondering what people think about this: if you applied liquid glass to a new watch, do you think that it would make the watch glass more scratch...
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TwiceTollingClock commented on Just wondering...

Hmmm.... It says Max has been a member since July 15, 2021... Maybe that's the start date?

TwiceTollingClock commented on Tudor BB58 bezel insert misalignment - sharing experience

THIS! 猬嗭笍猬嗭笍猬嗭笍

TwiceTollingClock commented on When you are buying a watch does the movement matter?

I am a neophyte watch collector. But I have been doing a lot of reading. (Including some deep dives into various rabbit holes here on the WC.) And in my mind, no matter what type of movement (quartz or mechanical) it has to be reliable and well thought of. For instance, the Seiko NH35A, or the Miyota 9015, etc. Because when it comes down to it, at least for me, looks are secondary to function. That being said, I try to find a nice-looking watch with a good movement, so that I can have my cake and eat it, too. 馃槑

TwiceTollingClock commented on Tudor BB58 bezel insert misalignment - sharing experience

My two cents--Tudor is a Rolex brand. They pride themselves on precision and extreme levels of quality. There is no way on God's green earth that I would let this matter pass. If you have to go to another AD, I would do so, and let your old AD know that THIS was the reason you switched.

TwiceTollingClock commented on Help Me Decide...

I appreciate your advice, and I will take it under careful consideration. I have looked at Timex before, and you're right, they have a long tradition of building good watches. I really admire their Waterbury line. But for now, I must cut my comments short, because it's after 2:00, and I have to work in the morning. 馃ぃ Goodnight to you, sir. 馃ケ馃槾

TwiceTollingClock commented on Help Me Decide...

The main reason I chose these watches is that I wanted to expand the scope of my collection, to include a range of watches, from inexpensive, to affordable, and up to higher end, very expensive pieces; I did some research, and all of these watches have good movements, which is the true soul of a useful watch.聽

The idea that I had was to find a few more good watches that I could obtain without breaking the bank. My current collection is 3 watches, which doesn't give me a lot of options, in terms of variety. I figured 7 watches would be kind of a "lucky number."

Future additions to my collection will be more expensive, higher-end watches, which will take longer to save up for and acquire. So in the meantime, I could have a few lower-end and mid-range watches to experiment with. 馃檪

TwiceTollingClock commented on How much do you think the build cost of a $5k (at retail) luxury watch is?

I don't drink many sodas; I prefer sparkling water, like Pellegrino. But my kids are another story, haha. 馃槑

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Watch Collecting Eras (Inspired by TimeGeek's 'What is Vintage?' thread.)

It has come to my attention that there are no "eras" for watch collecting, at least not officially. Comic books have golden age, silver age, etc. But...
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TISSOT Bella Ora women's watch

This watch is listed on Amazon for $92.00, and it says that the manufacturer is indeed Tissot, and it gives the Tissot reference number as T1032101604...
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Old watch that we found...

This is a Seiko watch that my mom gave to my wife a few years back as a hand-me-down; my wife had lost track of it, until we found it again the day be...
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Questions about BADGES 馃槑

How often does WatchCrunch check for / update your badges? Every day? Every certain number of hours? Etc.? I should have the "Content Contributor" and...
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Quartz vs Automatic Movements

ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA: "...Quartz clocks and quartz watches are timepieces that use an electronic oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal to keep ti...
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Diver Watches....what gives?

Ok, so I have been seeing watches which claim to be 100m, 200m, 300m water resistant, etc. But then, there's usually a disclaimer that says not to wea...
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Wrist Size

My wrist is EXACTLY 8 inches around. (Which is wierd, because I also wear EXACTLY a size 8 hat, haha 馃ぃ ) ... From what I gather, that is slightly larg...
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