Value, Longevity, Brand Image or Design

Reading the latest oracle time (great magazine by the way) - I found this chart giving the top reasons people buy watches in different countries. The main four are: value, brand image, longevity, and design. So what do you choose? And does it match what it should be for your country of origin?
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Well - my vote is for design and I am in the U.K. so I do tie up to the chart!

Second choice would be value - also ties.

I do think I鈥檓 more about brand than longevity - so I am out of step there!

It's a vague combination of all of these, except maybe value.

Value first and brand image last for me, so I guess I am in alignment with my fellow frenchies.

Also from UK, for me it's



Brand imaga


Suspect age is probably as much a factor as location. I'm 53 1/2. The half matters at this age! 馃ぃ

Great topic, Justin!

Design, Value, longevity, brand image, in that order

I have a suspicion that brand image is what we think we don鈥檛 care about but deep down it actually influences our choices more than most factors.

What is longevity? How old the brand is or how long the watch will last?

Brand image holds no importance to me as judged by my current collection. I look for design, value and longevity.

I miss the old days, lol, when you bought what you loved! Not what鈥檚 鈥減opular鈥. The days of $1000 DateJust, Presidentials were $5000, and even then they wouldn鈥檛 sell! I loved walking into smaller AD鈥檚, looking at brands without any bias and just buying what spoke to you and you could actually afford it! I miss those days