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Which of these 2 MJW would you pick & why?

I have been flirting with the idea of getting another Mr. Jones watch for a while now & have narrowed it down to these 2. If I could, I would buy them all... 馃捀馃捀馃捀 I like the city scape and fores...
199 votes

What should I rate a seller?

I recently bought another vintage Timex watch from eBay. The seller took forever to ship but did inform me of the delay. When the item shipped, it was basically shipped in a thinly plastic envelope wi...
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Choose Your Own Adventure, Intro & First Fork in The Road

As if I don't have enough going on, I had an idea to write a story about an adventure in which a watch plays a prominent role. I also want to write more consistently to create some content & engag...
135 votes

What kind of movement finishing do you prefer?

Hey folks! What are your thoughts on perlage decoration and blued screws on open case back movements? Bear in mind that the MSRP difference is about 150$ between the two options. In the pictures is ou...
161 votes

Do you think your collection is too big, too small, or just the right size?

My current collection consists of 12 watches. There is an additional G-Shock and a Citizen that I don't keep in the watch box. Out of the 12, only 5 get regular wear. the Tuna, Aerospace, Sinn, Seamas...
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Which would you choose?

Option 1: You get a free watch every month for a year. The watch is chosen for you. You鈥檙e told the value of the watch you receive will always be double that of the previous month. You鈥檙e prohibited f...
56 votes

How do you prefer brands launch new models

Do you prefer the annual release cycle followed for the most part by the biggest brand or the random cycle most micro-brands seem to follow?
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Am I getting old

When I was a kid, I remember seeing a guy wear his watch like this in the moment I thought it was weird but now I find it actually very useful when hitting the gym, anyone else do this?
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Have Snoopy has a emoji option ?

Snoopy is probably the cartoon character the most associated with watches, should we at least have an emoji in his honor on this forum ? Feels like Snoopy deserves it !
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