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New Collector. Where to spend my 拢250 ?

Hello Watch Crunchers. I'm slowly building my watch collection and I need your help ! I have a casioak, an automatic diver (depth charge) and a dress watch (Tissot Visodate Quartz) . I have around 拢25...
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Just a lot of hype?

How do you feel about integrated sport watches? Every watch media outlet seems to have released a video on the Christopher Ward Twelve. Feels just like when the PRX came out and "changed the watch ind...
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To wind or not to wind? 馃

So you bought a watch winding box thinking that that once the box is filled, so will your lust for these magnificent ticking machines be fulfilled.. Alas, before you know it, your desk runs out of spa...
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Favorite Watch?

Went watch shopping! Let me know what your favorite Watch is out of this bunch, and why?
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What鈥檚 a strap combo that left you speechless?

Seeing this combo from @practicalwatch on Instagram definitely had me feeling this way! Shown in photo: Classic Black (w/date) Royalguard 200
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Which Tudor Diver is the best ?

Is it the Full Titanium with the T-Fit Clasp or the Classic Design
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Rolex Submariner Date or No Date ?

I don't know which I prefer yet, on one hand i love the symmetry and the fact that i don't have to set a Date on the other hand the Date with the magnification is just so iconic.
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What鈥檚 the most adventurous thing you鈥檒l do with your watch?

From desk diving to scuba diving, and everything in between! What鈥檚 the most you鈥檒l subject yours to?! Watch shown in photo: Royalguard 200 by Imperia...
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HELP! Black Bay 58 or Breitling Super Ocean 42

HELP! After months of narrowing down the watches I'd like to buy for my budget, I've finally got them down to the final two. The Tudor Black Bay 58 and the Breitling Superocean 42. I'll be trying both...
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Breitling Navitimer vs Omega Speedmaster

I'm in two minds interested to see the concensus both very similarly priced watches. My current collection: - Grand Seiko White Birch Spring Drive (white dial, strap) - Orient Star Mechanical Moonphas...
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